C is for…

You may have noticed little C's popping up lately in posts... and on Instagram. So, what does it all mean? It means this … [Continue Reading]


To Feel Wantable

I'm definitely not one of those women blessed to feel fabulous during pregnancy. I by no means have it terrible, but I certainly don't feel … [Continue Reading]


The (Not So) Everyday

With T-minus 5 weeks to go until this kiddo is here, life around these parts has become consumed by baby stuff. It's funny how one teeny … [Continue Reading]


Not To Be Taken For Granted

As we pulled into the parking lot chomping on one more bite of my roll-up from El Pollo Loco, I grabbed my heels from the back seat and … [Continue Reading]


The Difference A Few Weeks Make

Three weeks. Between all of us getting the stomach flu and crunch time to actually getting this kid a room put together, it's been a … [Continue Reading]



As with the rest of my life, this pregnancy has basically put it on hold. I'm very lucky that I haven't felt too terrible, just insanely … [Continue Reading]


To The Little Brother

Little Brother, I wanted to take a minute to let you know things that LJ won't remember, and you will never know. I hope one day you read … [Continue Reading]


See Ya On the Flip Side

News flash: I'm short. I know, it's heart stopping news. While it's not exactly a revelation, most people I've met who "knew" me on the … [Continue Reading]

The latest post from Momma Go Round!

A Little ME Time {Stencil Discount!}


I don’t think I ever really learned how to take time for myself. Growing up I was always involved in a ton of activities. Dance, soccer, cheer, yearbook, ASB. I loved doing them all, but they were scheduled activities. I don’t really remember ever doing much of anything when I had down time at home [...]

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He Is Who He Is


One of my favorite things about these past few months has been seeing LJ’s little personality come out. He’s very much entered the stage where he knows what he wants, what he wants to do, and what he wants things called. They are Crocs, not shoes, Mom. Excuse me, Sir LJ, I did not know [...]

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I Promise, I’m Still Alive


Well that was unexpected…. 3 months. It’s been 3 months since I’ve sat down to write a post. It wasn’t a planned break. It just sorta, happened. I left for a week in Cabo with my family with no posts scheduled, no friends filling in, and frankly didn’t care. I was JUST starting to feel [...]

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Pinterest For The Win


How many of you are as guilty as I am? We pin, and pin, and pin, with the greatest of intentions, yet never seem to get around to it. The amazing mantle display. The delicious looking recipe. The killer outfit that you totally have the stuff to recreate. For once, I decided to actually stop [...]

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Fit, Or No Fit?


Far quicker than last time, I’m hitting the point of being totally in between. Old clothes are quickly becoming too small, while maternity stuff is still mostly too big. Every morning I play the “Fit, or no fit” game with my closet. If it’s not made of stretchy jersey, it basically doesn’t fit anymore. So [...]

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A Little Life


Slowly but surely, I’m returning to the land of the living. Laundry that hasn’t been done since before we moved (shhh!) is finally being tackled. I’m getting dressed in more than just my pjs or sweats. And the child is finally getting potty trained….hooray!!! It may not be the most exciting life ever, but for [...]

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June Sponsor Spotlight


I am truly honored to share these amazing women, bloggers, and shop owners with all of you today! I can’t express how grateful I am that my amazing sponsors have been nothing but loving and supportive as I’ve semi-fallen off the face of the blogging planet these last few weeks. Not only have they continued [...]

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The Day I Sucked At Life… And It Didn’t Matter


7:15 am: 1st alarm goes off. I roll over, hit snooze, and pray that the next 8 minutes feel like hours. 7:23 am : 2nd alarm goes off. Drag my zombie like body to the shower and attempt to get clean. Washing my hair makes me weak and winded. 7:50 am: Get out of the [...]

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What Makes You Legit?


Ever since I got the first email, I’ve been somewhere between a state of shock and disbelief. Me, really? You want me? Are you sure you got the right girl? This weekend I’m speaking at Elevate Blog Conference. It’s the first conference that I’ll ever speak at. I’m excited, a little nervous, hoping I don’t [...]

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The Ugly Truths


Don’t get me wrong here, I’m beyond excited for our new little peanut to get here. The smushy little face, the new baby smell, tiny little clothes, and a whole room to redecorate. What I’m not excited about are those ugly little truths of pregnancy that I seemed to magically forget since LJ. It’s amazing [...]

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