Chevron Cork Board

There is one thing in this world that without fail always make my heart skip a beat….chevron. I just love it. The simplicity. The repetition. The graphic design.

Yet {tears} for me, I have had none to call my own, until now!

 Do you die????

Cork Roll
Chevron Stencil (from Your Memories Captured)
Sponge Brush
Paint your frame (optional) and allow to dry.
Trace the glass from your frame on the cork.
Cut out cork in the size of your frame.
Paint your cork using the chevron stencil. DAB, don’t brush. You know you’re doing it right if your fingers look like a hot mess afterward.
That’s all there is to it!
I thought it was super cute to use a lone ranger earring as a push pin. Way cuter than the office supply store junk ;)
Want your own CHEVRON STENCIL from Your Memories Captured? Enter “CHEVRON” in the coupon code at check out to receive free shipping! Offer good until 5/7.
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Go Green Ballard Inspired Vase

Today is Earth Day, and I can’t think of a better way to honor our planet than by making it more beautiful. And by more beautiful, I mean a trash to treasure Ballard knock off.

I just LOVE their Demijohns

But they are A) too big for my tiny apartment and B) a small fortune. Time to get Earth friendly creative people!

recycled mason jar
jute rope
hot glue gun

Cut a looooooong piece of jute rope and attach to jar with a dot of hot glue. Don’t worry if it doesn’t end up being long enough for your jar. You can hot glue two ends together.
Wrap the rope around your jar twice.

On the third time around, loop the rope from top to bottom through your previous two wraps. Continue this pattern for as much of the jar as you would like wrapped.

When finished wrapping, loop jute through one extra time, snip end, and adhere with a small dot of hot glue.

It really is that simple! I love my new vase and think I will use it to hold kitchen utensils. Everyone needs a pretty kitchen!

I’m linking this project up to Today’s Creative Blog!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

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Initial Wall Art with {Boerman Ramblings}

Today I’m so excited to introduce you to Chrissy from Boerman Ramblings!

For years BSB has played online video games “meeting” people from all over the world. I never understood how he could call these people friends…until I “met” Chrissy. It was love at first comment :)

Today she’s got an adorable wall art design for us that’s just as awesome as she is!

Take it away Chrissy!

Hey new friends.

I am feeling like royalty just being here today.

Like really…guest blogging on Momma Go Round…
Please pinch me,I must be dreaming. 

…a little about me! 
I am Chrissy from  { Boerman Ramblings! }
I get really excited about new sewing books !

I have had my blog for about 5 years now.
It started as just updates on the kids and I kind of took it over
for myself and all of my readers!
selfish I think not!!!
I am a stay at home mom to 3 little ones….ages 10, 5, and 2!

Thing I love:
beaches.  blogging.  crafting.  DIY projects.  Jesus.  decorating.  craft shows.  playing outside.  entertaining.   baking.   family.  dancing.  laughing until I snort { yes it happens, a little too often }.  chocolate
To get to know me a little better head over { here }
 I am in the process of redecorating my living room.
We are trying to simplify our walls.
which you can see  { here }

I would love to share with you my latest wall art project.
Supplies needed:
paint brushes
Mod podge
Aleene’s tacky glue (not pictured)
black beans
black paint (optional)
book pages
letter template (printed from Microsoft word)
canvas (thrifted at local Goodwill)

First I ripped my book pages into medium -small pieces.
trying to make sure they were not all the same shape
This is the perfect time to recruit little ones to help! 
Next apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to one side of the canvas.
Make sure to also cover a one inch strip on the top too..
Start placing your ripped pieces of paper on the wet glue.
Once that whole row is covered in paper, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over the paper to seal it. 
Repeat with all the sides before finishing the top, 
using your finger to help smooth out the paper and fold it nicely over the corners.
Now you can finish applying your paper to the top of the canvas.
Cover the entire canvas one more time with a thin layer of Mod Podge to seal all cracks and corners.
Here is where you can choose to do things different.
Option 1: allow glue to dry, trace your letter stencil on the front of the canvas with pencil and then paint inside the lines with your black paint.

Option 2: (which I did) is just cut out your stencil and lay it on the wet glue (it’s already black)
You know how when trying something for the first time, it usually does not go right?
Here is where I was going to tell you to add a generous amount of Mod Podge over your letter and start placing your beans.
Only to find out the glue was taking too long to dry and not holding the beans well.
After doing some research I decided to try my Aleene’s tacky glue

Apply a thin line around the outside edge of your letter. ( I did small sections at a time, my glue dries fast)
Place beans right on the glue (it dries clear)
Once you finish the outside border start the inside border and move in from there.
Ta – Da
You are finished…now just let the glue dry and find the perfect place to hang it! 

I was impatient and took the picture when the glue was still wet.
and then later when dry
Thanks for hanging with me today.
Be sure to visit me soon!

THANKS CHRISSY! I can’t wait to go thrifting for canvases to redo! 

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Pinecone and Pom Pom Berry Wreath

I LOVE wreaths!

My mom makes a super FAB one from different sized earthy/rusty colored ornaments. It’s uber chic :)

I’ve seen so many around the blogosphere lately that have just been amazing.

I LUV the Holly Jolly Wreath by Dave’s Wife from The Diary of Dave’s Wife.

The Let It Snow Wreath by Elizabeth from Twelve Crafts Till Chirstmas is awesome! I’m totally diggin the pleated look and how easy and inexpensive it is to make!
And then there’s ribbons gone awesomely wild on Stacy’s wreath from She’s {kinda} Crafty.

Do you not die over those adorable little doves hidden inside?

So, after getting inspired by these gems (and a little help from Martha), I took a stab at my own wreath for the Thanksgiving season.

Pinecone and PomPom Berry Wreath

grapevine wreath
jute rope
pom poms (use varying sizes)
Rit Die (I used tangerine, wine and scarlet)
mini pinecones
hot glue
Soak pom poms in HOT die bath for at least 5 minutes. The longer they are in there, the stronger the color will be.
Remove pom poms from die and allow to dry on paper towels for at least 24 hours.
Wrap jute around top of wreath to create a base.
Cut three long lengths of jute and braid them. Make braid long enough to loop twice to become hanger. Knot at the ends.
Attach braided knot with hot glue to the back of the wreath.
Adhere pinecones and pom poms with hot glue. Use a teeny dot on the pom poms.

That’s all there is to it! I ended up using about 350 pom poms, so don’t expect to whip this out in an hour. It takes some time, but I think it really looks amazing!


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Rustic Thanksgiving Accents

As I’ve mentioned before, I have ZERO budget for holiday decor this year.

This makes me a little sad cause I want to make this year extra awesome since LJ might get what is going on.

But this does mean that it’s time to get extra crafty!

I made these awesome decor pieces (what else do you call them?) with just a few super cheap materials that I’m using for another project too! I know, I know, I’m so thrifty ;)
mini pinecones
fabric leaves
jute rope
hot glue gun
Cut a length of jute.
I measured around my candle and added a few inches for tying.
Wrap jute around pinecone twice, centering the pinecone on the rope.
Secure with hot glue on the backside.
Add a dot of hot glue to fabric leaf.
Attach pinecone on an angle.

As luck would have it, these also fit perfectly around my napkins! I’m so excited to have a beautiful and thrifty way to decorate for Thanksgiving!


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Children’s Hymn Baby Wall Art

I am beyond excited to announce the arrival of my newest niece!


Now let’s be real….I’ve been plotting crafts for this special lady from the moment I found out she was a girl. I LOVE doing girly crafts and I don’t think LJ would appreciate most of them.
This one in particular I’ve been stewing over for months. I’ve had all the supplies sitting around, waiting for this cutie to arrive.
(If by some chance you are seeing this AP, SURPRISE! It’s on it’s way!)
Chilren’s Hymn Baby Wall Art
Acrylic Paint
Sponge Brush
Step 1:
Mix paint (if necessary) and paint canvas. I did 3 coats to make sure it was completely covered.
Step 2:
Remove backing from vinyl.
Step 4:
Adhere vinyl to completely dry canvas.
Step 5:
Smooth out vinyl using a scraper or credit card.
Stand back and enjoy your masterpiece!
I am particularly excited about this project not only for how cute it is, but that it includes the words to a beloved hymn in my church. I know my SIL will love it and can use it to help teach our little Claire!
Want to make one of your own?
Head over to my shop to purchase your own personalized vinyl decal. Makes a great gift for the holidays, births, blessings, baptisms and more!


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Tutorial: From Fugly to Fabulous Frame Re-do

Don’t try to deny it, you know you have a frame sitting around your house that is hideous, aweful, and way to embarassing to put up. But for some reason, you’ve held on to it.

Well, mine was this

BSB in all his sweetness bought if for me years ago. He knew I wanted a frame like this…so he tried.
The “wood” is way more hideous in person than any picture could justify and the peachy matte is just awesome!
So after lugging this darling around for about 4 years, I decided it was finally time to give it the facelift it deserved.
1 seriously fugly frame
2 colors of paint
Scrapbook paper
Mod Podge
Exacto knife
sponge brush
Paint said fugly frame with a coat (or 3 in my case to cover up all its fabulousness) of the same color will be the exterior color. Once dry, paint over it with a layer or secondary color.
Paint a coat of the exterior color.
(So mine went white – green – white)
Allow to dry completely and please enjoy LJ “crafting” while you hold….
(of course with a pause to check out Elmo….heaven forbid we miss a moment of Elmo)
Sand dry frame to expose under color and some of frame. This will add a distressed look.
Here you can see how the under color comes through once you’ve sanded the frame.
Onto the matte.
Cut paper to fit over matte.
Set paper aside and apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to matte.
Lay paper over matte and flip over.
Use exacto knife to cut out letters (if you have them) or photo opening.
Apply thin layer of Mod Podge over paper.
Once Mod Podge has dried, sand cut edges to create a smooth edge.
Put frame back together and show that baby off!
This was such a fun and easy craft project, and I didn’t even have to buy anything! Definately a great way to make a fugly frame fabulous!


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Tutorial: Children’s Subway Art

I’m OBSESSED with the new trend of doing subway art. It’s fresh, modern, clean, and just plain awesome!

Only problem, I had NO idea what I wanted to write on my art that I was dying to do :(  

Then, I saw this and my inspirations was found. CHILDREN’S SONGS!

We sing “You Are My Sunshine” and “I Love You” every night to LJ, so why not adorn his room with the songs that make him smile?

These were super simple and cheap to make….though take some serious patience! If you are an instant gratification person (like me), this will test you!

white cardstock
Cricut/Shiloutte/Printer (i’ll explain how to do both)
Mod Podge

1) Paint canvas desired color. I did 3 coats to get a really solid paint color on there.

2) Cut out your letters. If you are using a machine, just select your font and set it to cut (disclaimer, I used SCAL2, not a Cricut cartridge font). If you are printing your letters, type them out in Word in reverse (black background with white letters) then cut them out using scissors and exacto knife.
(mine are organized by words in each row)
3) Layout letters on your DRY canvas. My canvas was 12×16, so I left a 1″ inch margin on each side and used a ruler to keep the lines straight.
4) Glue or Mod Podge down letters.
5) Onces letters are attached, brush over WHOLE canvas with a thin layer of Mod Podge. Don’t forget the sides!
Let it dry and there you have it! LJ’s room has a funky little wall inbetween his closet and a window, so it was the perfect place to stack his canvases.
Not only does it look adorable, but now I can teach him the words as we sing our songs each night!


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Tutorial: Pleated Picture Frame and White Board Frame

Like many of you, I am a victim of the cluttered fridge.

birth announcements

wedding invitations

party invitations

and of course….my gold star!

Well, I just couldn’t take it anymore. My fridge looked like a hot mess and it just kept getting worse, cause let’s be real, I never take stuff down.
              {I still have birth announcements up from little friends that are now over a year old}

So when I saw this fabulous idea for a pleated picture frame on UCreate, I had a stroke of genius! Why not make one to put all the crap amazing stuff I collect in! And while I’m at it, why not make a framed whiteboard to go with it? I have lots of sad, white walls in my kitchen that could use some love…so why not these!

Pleated Picture Frame

2 pieces of scrapbook paper/cardstock
paper cutter
2 way glue

Cut one piece of paper to fit your frame. Mine is 8×10.

Out of the second piece of paper, cut 1.25 inch height strips by the length of your frame. You need as many strips as the height of your frame. I turned my frame to 10wX8h, so I cut 8 strips 10 inches long by 1.25 inches high.

Glue down the first strip completely flat at the top of your paper.

Glue down your next strip 1 inch from the top of your first strip so there is a .25 inch overlap. Make sure to only put glue at the very bottom of your strip so you create a pocket. (I used 2 way glue so I could make adjustments to the strip).

Continue layering strips all the way down.

And there you go! Load it up in your frame and you are ready to display all your treasures! My favorite part is that this is quick, easy, cheap, and made of paper….easy to change up if you get sick of it!

Framed Whiteboard

whiteboard on cardboard backing

Remove the plastic framing from your whiteboard if it has it.

Measure your whiteboard and mark it to the correct size for your frame on the backside.

Using blade, cut off excess cardboard. Push hard enough to score your whiteboard.

Remove all cardboard backing and cut along score line on whiteboard with scissors. (I found this to be the easiest since my blade wouldn’t go through…but if you’re cooler than me, skip this step!)

Load up the whiteboard in the frame and you are ready to go! Now I have a stylish way to organize myself without making my fridge so cluttered.

I am in LOVE with how my new frames look! My wall isn’t boring, my fridge isn’t cluttered, and all my things are so cutely displayed!


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