Anthropologie Old World Cuff Tutorial {3 Four and Under}

Today I’m beyond excited to have my dear friend, in blog world and my world, Trisha from 3 Four and Under here to share an amazing tutorial with you! Not only is this project adorable and easy, it would be perfect for holiday gifts!
Confession…the last picture I have of us together is from March. 2 hair colors and 1 major grow out later, we look very little like this now. I have a bunch of pictures of our kids, but sadly few of us. Oh, the life of mommas! 
So without further ado…..HERE’S TRISHA!
Hello!  I am Trisha from 3 Four and Under, and I’m so excited to be here today!
At 3 Four and Under you can find tutorials, recipes, crafts, my crazy life with 3 kids,
and an outfit post sprinkled in once in a while!
Lately, I have discovered the awesomeness that is accessories!  I have never really been a big accessory girl…until now!  My heart skips a beat when I find a fun new necklace, bracelet or hair accessory!
I love all things Anthropologie, but I don’t love the price.  So I set out to make a less expensive version of the Old World Cuff Bracelet.  Mine is $5, compared to $58 in the store!So, today I’m visiting my dear friend Nina to share with you an 

Anthropologie Inspried Old World Cuff Bracelet Tutorial
Anthropologie Inspired Old World Cuff Bracelet
These bracelets are quick and easy to make!
They are only $5 to make, with 5 materials, and 5 steps!
What a great inexpensive Christmas gift!
Anthropologie Inspired Old World Cuff Bracelet
Materials Needed:
 - Two thrifted mens neckties {or steal them from your husband or boyfriend’s closet}
- Metal Cuff bracelet {I got mine at JoAnn with a 40% off coupon, it came to about $3}
- Glue Gun
- ScissorsStep One: Using the scissors, cut one of the ties in half.  Using the thinner end and the glue gun, wrap the tie around the metal cuff.  Use the glue gun to secure the tie to the cuff.

Anthropologie Inspired Old World Cuff Bracelet

Step Two: Take the other tie, and cut approximately 4 inch long rectangle from the tie. 

Anthropologie Inspired Old World Cuff Bracelet

Step Three: Gather and pinch the middle of the rectangle so that it looks like a bow tie.

Anthropologie Inspired Old World Cuff Bracelet

Step Four: Cut a piece from the thin end of the tie and glue it over the middle.  It will look like a bow tie

Anthropologie Inspired Old World Cuff Bracelet

Step Five: Glue the bow tie onto the cuff

Anthropologie Inspired Old World Cuff Bracelet

And this is what the original looks like:

 I hope you enjoy!  And thank you so much Nina, for letting me stop by today!
WOW!!!! Thanks so much Trisha!!!
Can I admit that I love yours waaaayyyy more than the original? Sorry Anthro, Trisha for the win!
Make sure to stop by today’s Blogging Around the Christmas Tree host It’s Overflowing for Christmas-scapes ideas and link up. And don’t forget to join in tomorrow’s Holiday Party Wear link up HERE!
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PINCH ME!!! This CAN’T Be Real!

Today might just be the biggest day in this little blogging life of mine….

I’m guest posting on Tatertots and Jello!!!

Hello, does it get any cooler, sweeter, or more inspirational than Jen? I think not!

So head on over to Tatertots and Jello to see my awesome knock off skills at work :)

If you are new here, WELCOME!!!! Poke around and check out my attempts at real momma fashion, tutorials, and blog beautification. I so happy to have you!

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Pearl and Lace Bracelet with {Boerman Ramblings}

Today my girl Chrissy from {Boerman Ramblings} is BACK to share another FABU tutorial with you! I just love this one cause I’m totally diggin’ lace right now.

Teach away Chrissy!

I have been looking for a new bracelet and have seen a lot of pearl, leather and lace ones I love.

With price tags that are not so much in my budget.
I am going to share with you my version…
Supplies needed:
spool of lace
faux pearl beads
leather or cording that looks leather colored! (i got a Joann’s dollar bin)
First decide how long you want your strings.
I laid mine on my wrist and left extra for tying in a bow.

I cut 2 18 1/2 inch strips of the brown.
Next I marked the center of each strip with a fabric pencil.
Now thread your needle and tie a knot at the end of your string.
Start by threading a pearl into the center of the two strands. 
Continue to the right until you have reached your desire length. Tie thread in a knot and finish left side the same way.
I made mine 4 inches…

Now take your lace and start wrapping it in between your beads.
Go in between each bead, but just wrap around one side of the brown cord.
Tie off the lace at the end.

Repeat with other side.
To help secure the lace and bead, sew shut the opening just below the last pearl on each end.
Embellish as you wish.
I added a lace bow.
I sewed it to the bracelet so that it was secure.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
Tie in a bow to secure to your wrist!
I hope you try it soon. 

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Initial Wall Art with {Boerman Ramblings}

Today I’m so excited to introduce you to Chrissy from Boerman Ramblings!

For years BSB has played online video games “meeting” people from all over the world. I never understood how he could call these people friends…until I “met” Chrissy. It was love at first comment :)

Today she’s got an adorable wall art design for us that’s just as awesome as she is!

Take it away Chrissy!

Hey new friends.

I am feeling like royalty just being here today.

Like really…guest blogging on Momma Go Round…
Please pinch me,I must be dreaming. 

…a little about me! 
I am Chrissy from  { Boerman Ramblings! }
I get really excited about new sewing books !

I have had my blog for about 5 years now.
It started as just updates on the kids and I kind of took it over
for myself and all of my readers!
selfish I think not!!!
I am a stay at home mom to 3 little ones….ages 10, 5, and 2!

Thing I love:
beaches.  blogging.  crafting.  DIY projects.  Jesus.  decorating.  craft shows.  playing outside.  entertaining.   baking.   family.  dancing.  laughing until I snort { yes it happens, a little too often }.  chocolate
To get to know me a little better head over { here }
 I am in the process of redecorating my living room.
We are trying to simplify our walls.
which you can see  { here }

I would love to share with you my latest wall art project.
Supplies needed:
paint brushes
Mod podge
Aleene’s tacky glue (not pictured)
black beans
black paint (optional)
book pages
letter template (printed from Microsoft word)
canvas (thrifted at local Goodwill)

First I ripped my book pages into medium -small pieces.
trying to make sure they were not all the same shape
This is the perfect time to recruit little ones to help! 
Next apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to one side of the canvas.
Make sure to also cover a one inch strip on the top too..
Start placing your ripped pieces of paper on the wet glue.
Once that whole row is covered in paper, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over the paper to seal it. 
Repeat with all the sides before finishing the top, 
using your finger to help smooth out the paper and fold it nicely over the corners.
Now you can finish applying your paper to the top of the canvas.
Cover the entire canvas one more time with a thin layer of Mod Podge to seal all cracks and corners.
Here is where you can choose to do things different.
Option 1: allow glue to dry, trace your letter stencil on the front of the canvas with pencil and then paint inside the lines with your black paint.

Option 2: (which I did) is just cut out your stencil and lay it on the wet glue (it’s already black)
You know how when trying something for the first time, it usually does not go right?
Here is where I was going to tell you to add a generous amount of Mod Podge over your letter and start placing your beans.
Only to find out the glue was taking too long to dry and not holding the beans well.
After doing some research I decided to try my Aleene’s tacky glue

Apply a thin line around the outside edge of your letter. ( I did small sections at a time, my glue dries fast)
Place beans right on the glue (it dries clear)
Once you finish the outside border start the inside border and move in from there.
Ta – Da
You are finished…now just let the glue dry and find the perfect place to hang it! 

I was impatient and took the picture when the glue was still wet.
and then later when dry
Thanks for hanging with me today.
Be sure to visit me soon!

THANKS CHRISSY! I can’t wait to go thrifting for canvases to redo! 

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Stecil Canvas Tutorial with {Little Miss Momma}

Today is a very special day….my BFF Ashley from Little Miss Momma is guest posting!
Ashley is full of amazingly brilliant ideas, and today she has a great one for a stencil canvas! What a perfect way to use the stencil from Your Memories Captured that you are hoping to win!
So without further ado….here’ Ashley!
Stencil Canvas Tutorial
It’s time for another easy-peasy tutorial from this Little Miss Momma.

Just pick your own colors, stencil and canvas size for a customized look to go in your home.  This is a VERY quick and cheap way to add some color and art to your bare walls.


Canvas (I used a 18 x 24 canvas on sale for $6 at Michaels)

Acrylic Craft Paint in the color(s) of your choice

Stencil Paint (found in the stencil section at Michaels)

Paint Brush

Scotch Tape

Step {One}:

Paint your entire canvas the color of your choice.  I mixed two colors of green (leaf green, citron) in order to get the more textured color of green that I was looking for.  Allow the canvas to dry completely before proceeding to step two.

Step {Two}:

Place the stencil over the painted canvas in the area that you want the first row of the graphic to appear.  Tape the stencil into place so that it doesn’t shift when you start to paint.  Now, apply a VERY small amount of stencil paint to the tip of your brush. With stencil paint, a little goes a long way.  I highly recommend using stencil paint, otherwise you increase the chance that your paint will smear/run.   Paint over the entire stencil with the stencil paint.

Lift the stencil slightly as you go to be sure that you are filling all the areas completely.

Step {Three}:

Once you finish painting in the first row of your stencil, lift up the stencil and line it up again directly above your first row, and then repeat step two for this second row of graphic. 

When you finish the second row you may notice some extra space on your canvas where there isn’t enough room for another entire row of stencil/graphic. I chose to paint in another row of stencil going over the edge (see picture below).  I liked the look of the graphic going over the edge, but that is completely up to your preference.

And Voila!!

In 3 EASY steps you now have an awesome piece of canvas wall art.
I think this project works amazingly when you use multiple canvases {i.e. 3 square or rectangle canvases} and continue the graphic onto the other canvases so that you have one large piece of art.
Happy Crafting!

Thanks so much for sharing this awesome project with us today Ashley! Make sure to check out all her great ideas at Little Miss Momma.

Try your very own Stencil Canvas Wall Art with the brand new reusable stencils found in my Etsy shop.

Don’t forget! You can win your own reusable stencil from Your Memories Captured! Giveaway ends Sunday!


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Revamped Frames Corkboard

My amazingly talented friend Ashley has this FABULOUS tutorial up on her blog on how to revamp an old picture frame that has been lying in the garage collecting dust. Here she shows you how to make a totally custom corkboard. But my favorite part is the adorable push pins made out of old buttons, knobs, or whatever you have lying around.

I can’t wait to get started on mine…there’s a huge empty wall in my kitchen just screaming out for this!

Little Miss Momma

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