The Poor Little White Shirt

Once upon a time there was a very loved little white undershirt. It’s owner loved the finished collar, cap sleeves, and crisp white that it still was.
One day, a terrible accident happened and the poor little undershirt was covered in big streaks of blue. No one knows how this tragedy happened…or at least they’re not saying.
Saddened by this turn of events, the owner attempted to save the poor little shirt with some bleach.
The poor little white shirt with blue streaks was now the poor little white shirt with yellow spots. It was a sad day for the shirt.

For days and days the sad little shirt sat wadded up in the corner. It’s owner missed it, but didn’t know how to help it. Then, one day, it hit the owner….dye!
The poor little white shirt’s owner quickly grabbed two awesome colors of dye, drew a bath, and set the shirt in for a nice long soak.

The owner was so excited to see a beautiful new color appearing on the shirt. It was saved! Time for the poor little white shirt to have a new life as a happy pink shirt!
Or so the owner thought :(
Now the poor little white shirt is the poor little pink shirt, banished to being worn only under tops that can cover it’s tears.
At least the poor little pink shirt got to hang out with some awesome pants ;)

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Martha…..YOU LIE!

Normally…..I LUUUUV me some Martha.



This is now the SECOND time I’ve tried to make Martha’s Fossil Cookies.

They should come out looking like this.
(Mandy from M Cubed got them to work.)
Mine on the other hand looking like this
This is the second time I’ve tried these cookies to no avail. I left these bad boys in the freezer for hours just to make sure they were hardened enough.
Only the faintest hint of bugginess can be seen in some of them. And just to add insult to injury, I put them too close together and had to cut them apart.
Normally Martha, I love you.
But today, you are on my sh** list girl.


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