Fabric Covered Glasses Case {Tutorial}

So, I have a little secret to confess…. I wear glasses.

Shocking, I know. But, I’ve been hiding it cause I don’t wear them in my pictures. I only got them a few weeks ago, and I still haven’t fully wrapped my brain around the fact that I probably need to be wearing them all the time. Life is kinda nice without stabbing migranes everyday ;)

Since I’m not exactly excited about this turn of events, I thought I would do something to help me like my new glasses a little more.

That’s right, I beautified my glasses case. I saw tons of these cuties at an accessory store that shall remain nameless (cough, CC), for like $15 bucks each. As with my pleated bracelet, I thought I could do better!

SUPPLIES: Glasses case, fabric, scissors, spray adhesive, (optional, fabric glue)

Place your glasses case on your fabric and cut generously around it.

Spray the back of your fabric down with spray adhesive.

Fold over one edge to create a hem.

Line the hem up with the back of the case where the top and bottom pieces meet and press down flat.

Work the fabric toward the front of the case. Pull taughtly and smooth out any wrinkles or creases as you go.

(You will notice the liner of the case has been removed. Hopefully yours isn’t glued down as much as mine was and is replaceable…but I will show you what to do if yours gets distroyed like mine)

Smooth fabric all around until the corners. Pleat the excess fabric in the corner, add more glue, and flatten down. The rounder your case, the more excess fabric you will have….just keep stretching and smoothing, it will get there!

Now if you totally destroyed the inside liner when trying to remove it like I did, you’ll need to line the inside with fabric too. Simply spray down another piece with spray adhesive and work into the sides. I used fabric glue to aid in attaching it to the walls so I didn’t get spray adhesive all over the front of the fabric.

As with the outside, make sure you “hem” your edges so the fabric doesn’t fray.


That’s all there is to it! Well, that and some seriously sticky fingers ;)

Accessory store cost: $15

My cost: using materials I already had (recognize that fabric from this little beauty) FREE!!! I like free :)

Still not sure I like my glasses.

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Alphabet Magnets {Tutorial}

Lately, LJ has become OBSESSED with letters. He has this amazing picture from my friend Rachel who works at Wheel Of Fortune hanging above his changing table.

He would much rather look at it and point out the letters than get his nasties fixed :(

And everywhere we go, he particularly likes to point out O’s… like this.

We’re working on it…. :P

Anyways, I thought it would be a great idea to get him some of those little letter magnets for the fridge. Except, I can’t find them ANYWHERE! That’s what I get for thinking apparently.

So what’s a momma to do….craft!


Blank Magnet Sheet
Acrylic Paint
Painters Tape
EITHER Die Cutter or Pencil, Letters to Trace, and Exacto Knife

I did stripes, so I started by taping off my magnet sheet.

Then painted on my red stripes.

I cut out my letters using my Cricut. You could also draw/trace letters onto the backside and use an exacto knife. This stuff is not hard to cut at all!

Stick them in their place of glory!
You can paint either before or after cutting, so I’m thinking of making LJ some shapes and stuff. I KNOW he would LOVE an Elmo :)

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Composition Book Cover Tutorial {Get Your Cover On!}

I’ve been DYING to make one of these for um….ever!

Only problem…what the heck was I going to do with a composition book, let alone a cover for it? Sorry LJ, you don’t get a designer scribble pad yet.

Now that I’m going to Bloggy Boot Camp in March, I’m going to need something to take notes on. So of course, I NEED to have my very own shnazy book cover…DUH.

I know, it’s amazing. I’m rather proud of myself ;)


Fabric (I used interior decor canvas)
Bias Tape
Composition Book
Tape Measure

Measure your composition book. They are not all the same size! Mine is 9.5 by 7.5 (one side).

Double the width (15 inches) and add 9 inches. Add 1 inch to the height. My measurements are now 24 by 10.5.

Measure and cut your fabric. MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE….unless you want a super cool diapers and wipes pouch like me ;)

At least it’s a stylish accident! And now LJ won’t have mashed Goldfish in his diapers.

Fold over a 3.5 inch section on either end to form the pockets. Iron a crease.

Sew bias tape on both of the vertical sides of the pockets.

You will now have four vertical strips of bias tape sewn on, but the top and bottom do not. The pockets are not sewn down yet.

Fold the bias tape over the top and bottom of the cover. At the corners, open and fold over the tape to create a nice edge.

Sew all along the top, creating the side seams for the pockets as you sew on the tape.

I added a snap to the inside edge of the pockets to secure my book :)

And just for fun, I added a few rosettes from the left over bias tape…gotta have a little BLING.

I LOVE how it came out and can’t wait to sport it at Bloggy Boot Camp!

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Santa Loves Cookies and Milk!

I’m so excited to introduce my new cookie plate and milk mug!

Just in time to make Santa feel right at home! Display this beautiful set until the big night…then let Santa know these treats are just for him!

Hurry and order now to make sure it’s there for the BIG night!


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Jolly Santa Canvas

You may have noticed this bad boy in my Santa Note post, but I thought he deserved a really introduction.

Ever since I designed my Santa stencil I’ve been dying to use it. I knew exactly how I wanted to show off the Jolly one.

I don’t know why I love this Santa canvas so much, but I just do! I love the colors, how cheerful Santa looks, how cute it looks with my few other Christmas decorations….but also how quick and easy it was to make!

With a toddler running around, I have to make sure that all my decorations are out of reach or safe if he does get them. So this fits the bill!

I can’t wait to Santa-fy a few other things. I’m thinking he would look really cute on some napkins or a tablecloth :)

Check out Santa and all my other Christmas stencils in my shop, Your Memories Captured. Enter “Santa30″ to receive 30% off any purchase!



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Chirstmas Tree Advent

Nothing like waiting until the last minute to finish a project that I started weeks ago.

If you’re like me and haven’t started your advent yet, don’t fret my pet (name that show!), I have one that is super easy, on sale, and turned out really cute!

Christmas Tree Advent
2 plywood trees (found at JoAnn)
sponge brush
green and yellow paint
small favor bags
vinyl or stickers
First, paint your trees. I didn’t (and wished I had) used a primer. If you care to torture yourself like me, it took three coats per side.
Cut numbers from vinyl or use stickers.
Attach numbers to favor bags.
Cut a strip of tissue paper large enough to cover your treat.
Stuff your bag with treats!
Really, the fact that this took me weeks to finish is pathetic! It was so simple and fast. I really love how the ornament bags turned out and I think LJ will have a blast getting a treat (KitKat or DumDum) each night.
The one thing I didn’t get to was these adorable little ornaments that came with the trees. There are 12 ornaments per tree, so the perfect number for the advent! My goal is to get them all decorated and insert one into each bag. That way every night LJ can take down a bag and put up an ornament.
Hope you enjoy!


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Time to Get Crafty!

Alright, so I know it’s been awhile since I’ve had a FABU new craft idea….but I have good reason!

I’m so excited and have some GREAT projects coming soon with these awesome stencils!
Make sure to check out all my new ones in shop!


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Mummy Candy Bucket

I’m NOT a Halloween person. As a kid I loved it, but as a college student I got totally turned off because all I saw was an excuse for girls to dress highly inappropriately and it was acceptable. LAME.

So now that I’m a mom, I’m realizing I need to embrace Halloween again. Gotta make it fun for LJ.

Only problem…ZERO budget for Halloween tom foolery (as BSB would say).

So what’s a thrifty mom to do……get crafty!

Mummy Candy Bucket

empty bucket (I used an old cookie dough container)
white paper
black paper
toilet paper
glue stick
liquid glue
Cover bucket in glue stick
Wrap whole bucket in white paper
Wrap bucket in strips of toilet paper, gluing only at the top of the strip. Overlap the strip to get a layered texture.
As you get to the top, cut strips to fit on the bucket while maintaining layering.
You should now have a fully layered bucket.
Cut two eyes from the black paper and glue on partly underneath a layer of toilet paper.
Add a few more small strips of toilet paper to help cover eyes and give dimension.
There you have it! The perfect candy bucket for this “mummy”….corny, I know!
I think my favorite part of this project is that you soooooo don’t have to be precise. The more wacko your layers of toilet paper are, the better!


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Tutorial: No Sew Ribbon Pacifier Clip

LJ is addicted to his binkie. He sleeps with it, walks around with it, plays with it, would have it all the time if I let him.
We don’t leave the house without a binkie.

For this reason, I have purchased many of these…
What has killed me about buying these binkie clips is that while they have saved me from loosing hundreds of binkies, they are expensive themselves.
$8 for some ribbon, velcro, and a clip….really?
With many friends and my sister-in-law expecting, I have come to the conclusion that I can make binkie clips just as wonderful as the horridly overpriced ones in the store. Even better, I can customize them to what my friends like, an outfit they have, and embellish them all I want.
One problem, I don’t sew.
I have claimed that I do. Many moons ago I did (with uber fabulous guidance from my Grammy).
But ask me to do more than a straight line (assuming I had a sewing machine) now, and it would be scary.
So…..what to do?
Well, here it is folks! The answer to your “I can’t sew but I want to make it” dilemma (at least for pacifier clips)
 No Sew Ribbon Pacifier Clip Tutorial
Grosgrain Ribbon
Fray Block
Steam a Seam/Stitch Witchery
Suspender Clip
Pencil (I show a pen, trust me, it’s stupid idea)

Step 1: Cut your ribbon to 9 inches in length (remember, this could be a choking hazard if cut too long)
Step 2: Apply Fray Block to the ends of the ribbon. Let dry.
Step 3: Cut small rectangle of velcro while the two sides are attached.
Step 4: Cut a small square of Steam a Seam and adhere it to the velcro. I cut mine big so it would cover the whole velcro, then I trimmed  it.

Step 5: Iron the velcro on. DO NOT iron directly on the velcro. Flip the ribbon over so you iron the ribbon to the back of the velcro. The two sides of the velcro should be 1/2 inch apart. If you use the “soothie” binkies, place them an inch or so apart since it is a thicker pacifier.
Step 6: At the opposite end, fold over a 1/2 inch section of the ribbon and iron in a crease.

Step 7: Slip suspender clip onto end of ribbon and position inside the crease.
Step 8: Cut a small rectangle of Steam a Seam and adhere it to the end of the ribbon. Make sure it is short enough to not be touching the clip.

Step 9: Iron the fold over shut so the clip is securely inside.

There you have it! Easy as pie and not a single stitch involved :)

Now go to town. Embellish away. Just make sure nothing can come off into a little one’s mouth (a stitch might be required here).
So girlfriends beware, you will probably all be receiving these. But if your kid is anything like mine, you will need ‘em.

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My First Cricut Card

I’m so excited! Tonight I attempted my first creation with my new Cricut. I was really nervous since I thought my Cricut was broken (I think it is actually just the one cartridge, still a bummer though!). So I have thank you cards to make for all the wonderful birthday presents I received, so I figured, “why not make my own?”

I flipped through the stacks of FABULOUS Amy Butler cardstock I bought and just picked a pattern that spoke to me. I really had no idea what I was going to do, but figured I would wing it and see how it went. On the cartridge that works, I found really cute flower shapes and thought I might make a bunch. From there, it was all guess as you go.

Well, I guess that my guessing turned out alright since I LOVE my card! I’m so proud of it and though it is simple, I think I rule. So to all of you craft-it-yourselfers out there, I encourage you to dive in and try something new. I did…and I’m so happy!

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