Clearance Section Rescue!

I LOVE the clearance section.
I LOVE the clearance section at Old Navy.
I REALLY LOVE when the clearance section at Old Navy is an extra 50% off!

Take for example the uber fab navy and white pinstriped button up with a little ruffling at the top that I found for only $3!!! A-maz-ing.

Uno problemo…..

(mind the awesome quality of this super fab photo…and stripes photo OH so well!)
The shirt has about as much shape as a potato sack!
But it was $3 and super cute….time for a rescue!
First, I put the shirt on inside out.
The pin the shirt to fit.
Sew a new seam along your pin line.

And there you go! No seam removing or anything!

The shirt fits SOOOO much better now! Before it was so big that cinching it with a belt wasn’t even an option. Now I can rock it however I want.

Thank you clearance section!

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What To Do When the Dryer Eats Your Sweater…..Cardigan Revamp!

What do you get when you take an awesome t-shirt weight Old Navy cardigan

and mix it with an awesomely bad apartment dryer?
drum roll please…
I’ve only worn this sweater TWICE, so it certainly wasn’t worn out or ready to be tossed. And as mentioned before, I have ZERO fall clothing budget, so this little sweater needed to be saved.
Have no fear…..Batman Superman Super Grover MY SEWING MACHINE is here!
I had this awesome black lace in my stash o’ goodies that was perfecto for covering up the little love mark my drier left.
All I did was pin it on the sweater going down both sides.
Stitched it on going down both sides, top and bottom of the lace.
Ruined cardigan no more! I’m so happy I could save my sweater and give it a little pop at the same time :)


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Tutorial: Kitson Sequined Pocket Shirt

A few weeks ago, my mom, LJ and I went on a little outing to Malibu. We love going to the country mart (aka paparazzi city) to look in all the waaaaay overpriced boutiques, eat some lunch, and let LJ play at the playground.

On this trip, we stopped in at the uber celeb trendy Kitson to steal gain inspiration for some projects.

No surprise….the prices were astronomical, especially for what things were. But I did find inspiration in the form of a black t-shirt with a sequined pocket for $68!
Not in my world!
So of course…I had to do it myself :)
(Sorry for the weird coloring. Getting a black on black shirt to show up is rather interesting.)
Sequined Pocket T-Shirt
T-shirt with pocket (mine is Mossimo from Target)
Matching color sequin trim
Matching thread
Tape Measure
Step 1:
Measure your pocket both length and width wise.
(again, love that black shirt!)
My pocket was just under 3 inches wide, and my trim was 1.5inches wide. I recommend allowing for some overlap so you can’t tell where the trim meets.
Step 2:
Cut trim to 1 inch longer than your pocket.
Step 3:
Tuck end of trim into top of pocket.
Fold trim over and stitch onto top of pocket.
Step 4:
Stitch down the outside of the trim where trim meets pocket line.
Step 5:
Cut trim to be slightly longer than pocket, but match pocket angle. Fold end of trim under and stitch to shirt.
(By this point, I was stitching it directly to the shirt and not just the pocket. I don’t actually use the freakishly tiny pockets on my shirts, so I don’t care if it opens).
Step 6:
Repeat process until entire pocket is covered.
(I did not stitch the inside side of each piece of trim down. Instead I stitched them down and together at the same time in order to hide the piecing.)
There you have it!
Shirt: $5
Trim: $.75
Thread: $.05 (maybe)
I’ll take a $5.85 shirt over a $68 version of the same thing any day!
Come share your recipes (either link or in comments) and get new ideas!


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Tutorial: Folded Ribbon T-shirt

Soooo….I finished in time! I only decided to “borrow” this shirt idea from JCrew just the other day.

I love the idea and the beading, but it was just a few too many ribbons for me. I’m already rather large on top…let’s not make it larger :)
I altered my design just a bit to take down some bulk, I used only 1 ribbon, but more beading. I offset the formality of the shirt by cutting the neck a little lower and leaving a raw edge.
ribbon (I use grosgrain)
matching thread
fray block
Cut a long strip of ribbon. Mine was about a yard.
Fold and twist the ribbon pinning it at the folds. Leave a tail at the end.
Stich ribbon closed at folds.
Pin ribbon onto shirt. Use tail to create more folds if necessary.
(I recommend doing this while the shirt is on you so you can see where the ribbon will end)
Once you have the desired ribbon length, apply fray block to the ends.
Sew ribbon onto shirt.
Sew beads/sequins onto shirt. I did lighter beading on the ribbon and more on the shirt.
I LOVE how this shirt turned out! Lets be real, the beading took just short of forever, so maybe next time I’d do less….but it looks super fab!
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T-Shirt Week Link Up!

It’s been a FABULOUS week of tutorials hasn’t it?

Well, the fun’s not over…it’s LINK UP TIME!

I’m dying to see what you’ve come up with and get some new inspiration. So link up your tutorials, shirts you’ve made (the good, the bad, and the ugly!) and hop along!

P.S…..stop by this weekend for a “hopefully I finish it in time” bonus t-shirt!


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Tutorial: Scalloped Petals Shirt

JCrew has this AWESOME cardigan that I basically love.

But alas, even on final sale it is still $35….and it’s a sweater….in August… LA.
Enter the fabulous Scalloped Petal Tee!
(sorry, the white on white makes it hard to photograph!)
T-shirt jersey fabric or second shirt to cut
Matching thread
Optional -  Cardstock
Make two circle templates, one slightly larger than the other. Mine were 3.5″ and 3″ inches.
(if you have a better more “sewing sophisticated way you are awesome!)
Cut out circles of jersey and tulle. Cut the tulle circles larger.
Layer tulle circle on top of jersey circle. Fold in half, then fold in half again. Tulle should end up inside the folds of the jersey circle. Vary how you do the last fold so all petals don’t look the same.
Stitch through top of petal to stabilize folds.
Pin petals onto shirt and stitch them down at the points.
(I recommend trying it on with the petals pinned to make sure they lay right once the shirt stretches)
(I tried to add some shadows so you could see the layers better)
There you have it….an awesome JCrew knock of for a fraction of the cost! The shirt was $2.70 (have I mentioned I LOVE Old Navy yet?), the jersey and tulle were $2.45 and I didn’t come close to using all of what I bought.
Beats $35 any day!
Don’t miss the linky party TOMORROW! Link up your awesome t-shirts or get inspired by others!


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Tutorial: Doily Insert T-shirt

Doilies are H-O-T right now! They are popping up all over the place…..home decor, decorations, and now…t-shirts!

This shirt is easy to make (I did it by hand, but would be even easier with a sewing machine!) and looks super cute!
Doily or crocheted trim (for smaller inserts)
Open a side seam using seam ripper or side seam. Only go up as high as you want your insert to go.
Lay doily under opened seam and pin where you want the insert to start showing.
Open ripped seam to expose doily underneath.
Cut shirt along opening fold.
Turn shirt inside out and trim doily to slightly larger than opening.
 I put a small rolled hem at the edges of the opening, but it’s not necessary since t-shirt material won’t fray.
Stitch doily to shirt and voila!
Don’t forget to stop by on Friday for our T-Shirt Linky Party! Link up your great t-shirt ideas and get inspired!

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Tutorial: Flutter Flower Shirt

I am OBSESSED with this shirt. I saw one like this in JCrew last year and it was a small fortune for a t-shirt…let’s get real.

So now, you can make your own JCrew knock-off
Flutter Flower Shirt.

It’s super simple and requires hardly an materials!
Time to get fluttering!

Two matching t-shirts
Matching thread

Cut 1 shirt apart into front and back. Cut strips from one side of shirt. Vary widths of strips from 1″ inch to 1.5″ inches.
Fold each strip in half along the length of the strip to make the width smaller.
Cut each long strip into smaller pieces about 1″ inch long.

Cut small strips into B shapes.

Open Bs to expose petals.

Stack open Bs with centers on top of each other. Vary how the Bs are stacked to create texture.

Sew a straight gathering stitch through both open Bs down the center of the top open B.

Pull thread to gather Bs.

Pinch the underside of your now stitched together flower.

Stitch back and forth through the pinch to stabilize the gather.

Repeat to make all your flowers. My shirt has 20 flutter flowers of varying sizes.

Once you have all your flowers, hand stitch them on to your second shirt. Overlap some to create the full look.

WARNING: Hand wash and lay flat to dry. It takes FOR-EV-ER to unwrinkle and iron out each petal if you use the washer and dryer…..not like that happened to me or anything!

Don’t forget to stop by on Friday for our T-Shirt Linky Party! Link up your great t-shirt ideas and get inspired!

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Tutorial: No Sew Tulle Applique Shirt

Check back each day for a new
t-shirt tutorial and t-shirt linky party on Friday!

Ok Ok, so I know I said I was DONE with “No Sew”…..but I don’t have a sewing machine yet, so I LIED!

I’ve been dying to attempt this project ever since I saw this inspiration shirt on Love Stitched, but again, no sewing machine…..

so, I improvised and came up with this little beauty!

Steam A Seam
Embellished Tulle
(or whatever fabric you like. I found mine in the wedding fabrics at JoAnn)
1) Make sure you wash and dry your shirt first!
2) Cut out your around your embellishement and stick a similar sized piece of Steam A Seam to the reverse side of the fabric.
3) Cut out embellishment and Steam A Seam together.

4) Place embellishment on shirt and flip shirt over. Iron the back of the embellishment with hot iron for 15-20 seconds. (I used a cloth inbetween to make sure I didn’t burn the shirt).

Seriously, this project took me like 20 minutes! Best part, the shirt was $2 from Old Navy and the 1/8 yard of applique fabric was only $2, and I had the Steam A Seam (though I used pennies worth of it!), so this shirt was a steal :)

***The Steam A Seam says it can be washed and dry cleaned, but I recommend hand washing it!
Don’t forget to stop by on Friday for our T-Shirt Linky Party! Link up your great
t-shirt ideas and get inspired!


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