Anthropologie Old World Cuff Tutorial {3 Four and Under}

Today I’m beyond excited to have my dear friend, in blog world and my world, Trisha from 3 Four and Under here to share an amazing tutorial with you! Not only is this project adorable and easy, it would be perfect for holiday gifts!
Confession…the last picture I have of us together is from March. 2 hair colors and 1 major grow out later, we look very little like this now. I have a bunch of pictures of our kids, but sadly few of us. Oh, the life of mommas! 
So without further ado…..HERE’S TRISHA!
Hello!  I am Trisha from 3 Four and Under, and I’m so excited to be here today!
At 3 Four and Under you can find tutorials, recipes, crafts, my crazy life with 3 kids,
and an outfit post sprinkled in once in a while!
Lately, I have discovered the awesomeness that is accessories!  I have never really been a big accessory girl…until now!  My heart skips a beat when I find a fun new necklace, bracelet or hair accessory!
I love all things Anthropologie, but I don’t love the price.  So I set out to make a less expensive version of the Old World Cuff Bracelet.  Mine is $5, compared to $58 in the store!So, today I’m visiting my dear friend Nina to share with you an 

Anthropologie Inspried Old World Cuff Bracelet Tutorial
Anthropologie Inspired Old World Cuff Bracelet
These bracelets are quick and easy to make!
They are only $5 to make, with 5 materials, and 5 steps!
What a great inexpensive Christmas gift!
Anthropologie Inspired Old World Cuff Bracelet
Materials Needed:
 - Two thrifted mens neckties {or steal them from your husband or boyfriend’s closet}
- Metal Cuff bracelet {I got mine at JoAnn with a 40% off coupon, it came to about $3}
- Glue Gun
- ScissorsStep One: Using the scissors, cut one of the ties in half.  Using the thinner end and the glue gun, wrap the tie around the metal cuff.  Use the glue gun to secure the tie to the cuff.

Anthropologie Inspired Old World Cuff Bracelet

Step Two: Take the other tie, and cut approximately 4 inch long rectangle from the tie. 

Anthropologie Inspired Old World Cuff Bracelet

Step Three: Gather and pinch the middle of the rectangle so that it looks like a bow tie.

Anthropologie Inspired Old World Cuff Bracelet

Step Four: Cut a piece from the thin end of the tie and glue it over the middle.  It will look like a bow tie

Anthropologie Inspired Old World Cuff Bracelet

Step Five: Glue the bow tie onto the cuff

Anthropologie Inspired Old World Cuff Bracelet

And this is what the original looks like:

 I hope you enjoy!  And thank you so much Nina, for letting me stop by today!
WOW!!!! Thanks so much Trisha!!!
Can I admit that I love yours waaaayyyy more than the original? Sorry Anthro, Trisha for the win!
Make sure to stop by today’s Blogging Around the Christmas Tree host It’s Overflowing for Christmas-scapes ideas and link up. And don’t forget to join in tomorrow’s Holiday Party Wear link up HERE!
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Pleated Fabric Bracelet {Tutorial}

Lately, I’ve seen fabric bracelets everywhere! Charming Charlie, Forever 21, Target…they all have them.

Don’t get me wrong, I {pink puffy heart} these stores for their cheap accessories, but fabric wrapped around a piece of plastic? I’m not paying you $8-12 for one. Nice try.

So I took matters into my own hands and made this little cutie :)

$1 clearance bracelet + fabric scraps = one killer accessory!

SUPPLIES: bracelet, fabric, fabric glue, scissors, tape measure (optional: spray adhesive)

Measure both the width and circumfrence of the bracelet.

Cut a strip of fabric 1/2 wider and at least 2x as long as the circumfrence of the bracelet. The longer the strip, the more pleats you will have.

Glue down a folded edge on both short sides and one long side. You can leave the other long edge un-hemmed.

Fold pleats along the length of the fabric. Adjust pleats until your strip is 1/2 inch longer than the circumfrence of your bracelet.

Glue down the underside of the pleats.

Using either fabric glue or spray adhesive, wrap fabric around the bracelet.

**My fabric was rather thin, so I used spray adhesive so the glue wouldn’t show through too much**

Tuck in the un-hemmed egde of the fabric to the inside of the bracelet.

Tuck the hemmed edge in over the un-hemmed, and glue down.

Stack with your favorite bangles and rock your new look! There are so many options, I can’t wait to make some more!

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Crochet Panel Infinity Scarf {Tutorial}

Scarves are such a fun and easy way to add some personality to outfits. I’ve always loved them, but had a hard time figuring out how to wear them with my rather large, eh hum, “girls”.

Then came the infinity scarf. Cue angels, beam of light, and choir children singing.

I’ve had this amazing crochet fabric sitting in my stash for about a year, with no clue what to do with it. I originally thought of doing one of those crochet back sweaters or something, but without a serger I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Then came the infinity scarf, and my dreams for this gorgeous fabric came to life!

Crochet Panel Infinity Scarf

Step 1: Cut both fabrics into 41×19 inch rectangles

Step 2: Serge or roll hem around your crochet or lace panel

Step 3: 1/2 inch hem around knit/woven fabric (not required if using knit. I used jersey and only did the long sides)

Step 4: Right sides together, stitch knit/woven panel to crochet/lace panel using 1/2 inch seam allowance. Press seams toward knit/woven so they don’t show through crochet/lace.

Yes, that is really all there is to it! You are basically creating a giant loop of fabric.

I like to fold mine hot dog style before looping it on. Just gives it more depth without the super wide bulk.

I just love how it makes jeans and a tee something special! I’m thinking of doing another one with a floral print and lace for a softer look.

Easy, fun, and adorable. My kind of project :)

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Anthropologie Inspired Pleated Bead Necklace {Tutorial}

***This tutorial was originally posted on Tatertots & Jello, but I realized this past week when I wore my necklace that I never shared it with you! So please enjoy one of my favorite projects I’ve made, my Anthropologie Inspired Pleated Bead Necklace!****


Pleated Bead Necklace

Fabric – Large Round Beads – Scissors – Thread – Needle

Cut a strip down the length of your fabric that is twice as wide as your beads. My beads were about 1/2 inch in diameter, so I cut my strip 1 inch thick.

Iron your strip in half.

Leaving a few inches at the end, fold strip into two pleats and stitch through. (My fabric was 42 inches, so I needed to leave a tail to attach another strip to tie off the necklace. If you are lucky enough to have a fabric from a longer bolt, you may want to leave more of a tail for tie off)

Feed bead onto needle and stitch through.


Add two more pleats to the other end of the bead and stitch through. Then stitch back through both sets of pleats and the bead.

Continue until you have desired number of beads. If you got lucky and have long enough fabric, you could stop here by simply tying off the ends. I was not so fortunate, so I had to add some on.
I simply knotted on additional strips of fabric to the tails of the beaded strip.
I LOVE my new Anthro necklace without the Anthro price tag! Perfect for dressing up a “getting stuff done today” outfit :)
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Leather and Lace Cuff {Tutorial}

Months ago I got this amazing crochet fabric in Downtown LA…and it’s been sitting in my fabric box ever since. It’s so beautiful, but I have no idea what to do with it.
I got annoyed with myself for just letting it sit there, so I figured I could at least do a little project with it :)
Leather and Lace Cuff
lace or crochet fabric/trim
woven flat trim (like you would get for a belt)
bias tape or leather trim
two buttons
fray check
fabric glue
needle and thread
Cut a length of woven trim so it wraps around your wrist and meets with no overlap. Apply fray check to ends.
Cut lace/crochet strip the width and length of your woven trim.
Attach lace/crochet to trim with fabric glue. Let dry completely.
Sew a button on one end. Make sure the edge of the button lines up with the edge of the trim.
Cut a length of leather or bias tape the length of your trim + 5 inches. Glue down the middle starting underneath your button.
Glue down, leaving the tail unattached.
Sew the other button directly on top of the leather/bias tape strip. Leave the tail dangling.
Put it on by wrapping the tail around the two buttons and tucking it under itself.

That’s all there is to it!
I love that it can be worn both ways…buttons on top or buttons below. And for once, a bracelet that LJ can’t rip right off my arm to play with…score!

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Celtic Knot Necklace {Tutorial}

I’m totally on a necklace kick. Now that I’ve decided to actually accessorize rather than just slap something on, I realized that my jewelry collection leaves something to be desired.

And as much as I love me some Charming Charlie, I can’t afford to buy all the lovelies they have. Especially since I’m on a nautical kick right now, I figured it would easily lend itself to a killer creative piece!

Celtic Knot Necklace

Cotton rope/cord
Jewelry chain link
Matching Thread

Cut a looooooong piece of rope. Err on the side of ridiculously long rather than too short. How tightly you tie your knot and how long your chain is will determine how much rope you need, so there’s no real measurement.

Tie your Celtic Triangle knot in the middle of your length of rope. I highly recommend watching the video a time or two before trying it.

I promise this is not as hard as it looks!

Feed the ends of the rope through your chain. The ends of the chain should be at each side of the knot so the top does not need to be connected.

 There you have it! A little tough, a little sweet, and a whole lot of awesomeness!

Tie rope together at top when they meet. I burned the edges of mine to prevent fraying while finishing it off, but totally not necessary.

Put a few stiches through the knot to secure it.
Pinch ends together and secure with a few stitches.

Wrap thread around the ends and snip ends.
A little tough. A little sweet. 100% nautical awesomeness!

Tip Junkie handmade projects
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PINCH ME!!! This CAN’T Be Real!

Today might just be the biggest day in this little blogging life of mine….

I’m guest posting on Tatertots and Jello!!!

Hello, does it get any cooler, sweeter, or more inspirational than Jen? I think not!

So head on over to Tatertots and Jello to see my awesome knock off skills at work :)

If you are new here, WELCOME!!!! Poke around and check out my attempts at real momma fashion, tutorials, and blog beautification. I so happy to have you!

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Pearl and Lace Bracelet with {Boerman Ramblings}

Today my girl Chrissy from {Boerman Ramblings} is BACK to share another FABU tutorial with you! I just love this one cause I’m totally diggin’ lace right now.

Teach away Chrissy!

I have been looking for a new bracelet and have seen a lot of pearl, leather and lace ones I love.

With price tags that are not so much in my budget.
I am going to share with you my version…
Supplies needed:
spool of lace
faux pearl beads
leather or cording that looks leather colored! (i got a Joann’s dollar bin)
First decide how long you want your strings.
I laid mine on my wrist and left extra for tying in a bow.

I cut 2 18 1/2 inch strips of the brown.
Next I marked the center of each strip with a fabric pencil.
Now thread your needle and tie a knot at the end of your string.
Start by threading a pearl into the center of the two strands. 
Continue to the right until you have reached your desire length. Tie thread in a knot and finish left side the same way.
I made mine 4 inches…

Now take your lace and start wrapping it in between your beads.
Go in between each bead, but just wrap around one side of the brown cord.
Tie off the lace at the end.

Repeat with other side.
To help secure the lace and bead, sew shut the opening just below the last pearl on each end.
Embellish as you wish.
I added a lace bow.
I sewed it to the bracelet so that it was secure.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
Tie in a bow to secure to your wrist!
I hope you try it soon. 

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