The Difference A Few Weeks Make

Three weeks.

Between all of us getting the stomach flu and crunch time to actually getting this kid a room put together, it’s been a solid 3 weeks since these pictures were taken.

Shirt: Gap Outlet, Tee: Old Navy Maternity, Jeans: Old Navy Maternity (left over from LJ), Necklace: FB deal, Wedges: Old Navy, Ring: beach vendor

It’s shocking to me how much can change in such a short period of time.

I’m much bigger than this now.
The kiddo is now 33 weeks baked.
His room is ever so slightly closer to being ready for him.

One week.

A week ago, before the havoc of the stomach flu, I finally washed all of LJ’s old clothes.

To say it was a mind trip would be an understatement. Was he ever that small? Why did he have no pants? How weird will it be to see someone else in his clothes? Will they always be LJ’s clothes?

LJ with my Papa, 3 weeks old. How can this only be 3.5 years ago???? I can barely remember him being so little!

Six weeks.

That’s all that’s left until this little man of mine joins the world. Guess it’s time to wrap my brain around him being real and not just the gremlin in my tummy!

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See Ya On the Flip Side

News flash: I’m short.

I know, it’s heart stopping news. While it’s not exactly a revelation, most people I’ve met who “knew” me on the blog first are still shocked with how short I am. 5’2″ on a good day ;)

I was bound and determined this time around to not jump straight into my maternity clothes like I did with LJ. I was going to make my closet work, come up with cute outfits. Yada yada yada, I was full of crap, ain’t happenin’.

The other day I thought I would try out that original plan of mine and see how it worked for me…

Shirt/Vest: Old Navy, Shorts: Gap Maternity, Necklace/Sandals: Target, Ring: Beach vendor

I proceeded to spend the rest of the day yanking down this shirt to cover my ridiculously straight out in front belly.

Sorry patrons of Target, you got more than you bargained for!

I now remember why I gave up my regular clothes so quickly. No one, not even me, wants to see the underside of my belly and accompanying stretchmarks.

So for now, dear closet of mine, I am surrendering to the enormity that is my belly. Birthday clothes I got to wear once, sweaters that will look like crop tops, even skirts with elastic waists…see ya on the flip side!

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A Mommy Moment

I was feeling good!

Hair was rockin’, makeup was on, wearing my socially acceptable pajamas…it was  good day! A rare moment for this momma that I actually felt like my old self and not this giant, pregnant, preschool momma covered in mystery substances.

Grab the tripod and remote, set LJ up with a snack, and head out front.

Me: Do you need to go potty?
LJ: No, I no need to go potty.
Me: You sure????
LJ: No potty!

Dress: Gap Maternity, Necklace: some FB deal I don’t remember, Sandals: Target, Ring: beach vendor in Cabo

6 pictures…..6 PICTURES! That’s all I get off before…

Mommy, I pee…

As Marlin in Nemo says, “good feeling gone!”.

Back to reality. Such is the life of a momma ;)

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I’m Rusty and This Bump Doesn’t Help

Oh wow, it’s been longer than I realized since I busted out the trusty tripod and remote and got down with my creepy picture taking! Pretty sure the last time I did was May…MAY! I’m definitely out of practice and the awkward pictures that follow are a testament to that.

So here’s the stats to catch you up. Cause, well, these are the first pics I have of me really pregnant, so might as well document the progress.

Weeks: 28
Gender: BOY
Clothes: Maternity or BUST! Literally, these Gap maternity jeans are digging into the kid like nobody’s business.

Though I’m nowhere near the swollen Shrek like beast I was with LJ, my rings have been off for weeks now. Figured my Lisa Leonard necklace was the perfect spot for my rings to rest for the next 12+ weeks.

Top: Old Navy Maternity, Jeans: Gap Maternity (GET SOME BETTER ELASTIC GAP!), Hat: Charming Charlie, Sandals: Target, Necklace: c/o Lisa Leonard, Ring: Beach Guy in Cabo

While it’s fairly obvious now that I’m pregnant, it truly is just hitting me. The kid’s room is still a storage dump, I haven’t unpacked 1 ounce of clothing/toys/gear, and am only just coming to terms with the fact that I really can’t do my normal level of stuff in a day.

Guess it’s time to start wrapping my brain around this kid, since he’s already wrapped himself around my ribs ;)


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Fit, Or No Fit?

Far quicker than last time, I’m hitting the point of being totally in between. Old clothes are quickly becoming too small, while maternity stuff is still mostly too big.

Every morning I play the “Fit, or no fit” game with my closet. If it’s not made of stretchy jersey, it basically doesn’t fit anymore.

So I’m going to enjoy these last few days of my closet. Savor every moment in my regular clothes. Not spend too long mourning the ones that don’t fit, and may never fit right again.

Dress: LOFT Outlet, Shirt: Gap Outlet, Tank: Old Navy, Belt/Sandals: Target, Necklace: c/o Lisa Leonard Designs

Let’s go Peanut! It’s you and me vs. the closet.

We shall win!


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What Makes You Legit?

Ever since I got the first email, I’ve been somewhere between a state of shock and disbelief. Me, really? You want me? Are you sure you got the right girl?

This weekend I’m speaking at Elevate Blog Conference. It’s the first conference that I’ll ever speak at. I’m excited, a little nervous, hoping I don’t feel like crap, and mostly wondering, “does anyone want to hear what I have to say?”

I mean, who am I to be sharing advice on blogging? Am I legit enough to have my thoughts matter?

I will never forget arriving at CE in March, meeting some of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met, crashing their room with my GIANT aerobed, and then learning that one of the girls was totally looking forward to meeting me. ME? Really? I’m just a dorky momma fumbling through this.

 Top: Old Navy, Pants: Gap, Tee: Shade Clothing, Shoes: Old Navy, Belt: Old Navy, Watch: Michael Kors

I guess the bigger question is what makes someone legit enough to talk at one of these things? Are there quantifiable meausures that must be met, or buzz that must be gained?

No matter how “big” I get, I don’t think I’ll ever feel legit enough to be sharing at a conference. But that’s just the thing, I’m sharing my story, my perspective, and my thoughts. I don’t have to be legit to have a story….it’s just if anyone gives a hoot!

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The Ugly Truths

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m beyond excited for our new little peanut to get here. The smushy little face, the new baby smell, tiny little clothes, and a whole room to redecorate.

What I’m not excited about are those ugly little truths of pregnancy that I seemed to magically forget since LJ. It’s amazing how that happens.

Ugly #1: I have seriously bad roots. I was way overdue for a cut and color when we found out about Peanut. Now, it’s just embarassing. Can I claim I’m doing the ombre thing? Only 4 more days until 12 weeks (yeah, my due date was pushed back), then to the salon I go!

Ugly #2: Even when we get all dressed and human looking for church, my nose/head decides it doesn’t care and makes the first hour the most miserable hour of my life. Oh how I miss you Claritin D, DayQuil, NyQuil, and all other drugs that actually do something.

Ugly #3: Intentionally wearing a belt up high to “highlight” the bump, only to realize in pictures that I’m still in that “fat or pregnant” stage.

Ugly #4: Pregnancy brain is real…and I really forgot about it until now. I swear my IQ has dropped by 100 points cause I’m straight dumb right now.

Dress: Gap Maternity, Sweater: JCrew, Belt: F21, Necklace: c/o Lisa Leonard Designs, Shoes: Old Navy

Ugly #5: Maternity swimsuits. Need I say more?

Stretchmarks, saggy skin, giant ta-tas don’t even bug me anymore. Some of these uglies are here the whole way, some of them will soon fade away. The fact of the matter is that I will take them all, each and every one, for my new little Peanut.


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Over The Hump….I Hope

The last few days I’ve gotten a great reminder of how it feels to feel normal…almost.

It’s so easy to take for granted the ability to get up, take a shower, get ready, and get junk done It’s only when that ability has been taken from me for weeks on end that I’ve appreciated the little things.

Like getting dressed. And not just sweats and a tee with a 3 day old ponytail. An actual outfit, with clean hair, makeup, and the energy to take pictures while the lighting is good. I totally took that for granted.

Sweater: Target, Top: Anthropologie, Shorts: c/o Old Navy via Crowdtap, Shoes: Burlington, Watch: Michael Kors

As I’m approaching the end of the first trimester, I’m excited to enjoy the life the way I used to. Showers, real food, showers, energy to do more than 1 thing in a day, clean clothes, showers….I’ve really missed showering without it zapping all my energy.

I’m also super excited to figure out how to dress this growing body of mine. With LJ, I was teaching all day and dead by the weekend, so I didn’t need much of a wardrobe. The same 3 pairs of work pants, 2 dresses, and 6 or so tops got me through. This time I’m excited to see how I can make my normal clothes work and incorporate new maternity items (like my super comfy new Old Navy shorts that may or may not have been on day 5 or so when these pics were taken) to make a more exciting wardrobe.

So here’s to getting over the hump….sooner or later!

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Soooooo…..This Is Old

Full disclosure here people….this outfit is a good 2 weeks + old.

I’ve basically been on the couch, in bed, or in sweats since, so this was the last time I really looked human.

I have gotten dressed since, I just looked spectacular from the neck up, so no pictures.

Shirt: Gap Outlet, Tee: Old Navy,  Skirt: Burlington, Necklace: F21, Sandals: Target

I did actually get dressed today, so maybe we’ll luck out and get some pictures here. I guess I should show ya what 2 weeks of pregnancy does to someone whose 5’2″ on a good day ;)

With that, thank you so much for all your kind words and congratulations yesterday. I know I’ve kinda fallen off the face of the planet lately, so it meant so much to me that so many of you are still there and care! So far, here’s the details….

Due: 12/12/12 (I know). Most likely won’t make it there though. LJ was c-sectioned a week earlier and doc wishes he’d done it earlier than that. He was a big baby for me.

Weeks: 10 (but look like 4 months)

Gender: ??? but we will find out

Clothes: still sneaking into my regular stuff with an elastic waist or belly band. I’m not one of those cool kids who can wear their regular stuff the whole way through with just a band or unbuttoned, so this is going to get interesting folks!

I’ll keep ya posted as we go!


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Hang Loose

Just by guessing, you would never know that I’m a Cali girl.

The beach is ok….

I’m not a huge fan of sand, or being hot, or sunscreen, or salt water up my nose.

Chambray: Gap Outlet, Sweater: Old Navy, Jeans: Gap, Necklace: ??, Shoes: Target

I may not be a surfer. I don’t tan….I burn. And any blonde you see in my hair is courtesy of my hairdresser.

But the one typical Cali girl look I’m trying to embrace is the loose, flowy look. I’ve always been afraid it would make me look big as a house. But as some point, I stopped caring. It’s just too comfy :)


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