Print Perfection {RMRS Round-Up}

I’m always so impressed with people who wear prints like they are no big deal. It has taken me 27 years and 8 months  of my 28 years to finally become semi-comfortable in prints. Even though I’m getting better, I still lean towards my trusty solids.

You gorgeous ladies however, are not afraid to show your prints and wear them proud! Here are some of my favorite print perfection outfits from this week’s Real Momma, Real Style.

Amy from Amy Day to Day

Rachel from Rachel the Hat

Knocked Up Fabulous

Kym from bitty. and. bunny.

Brittany from Love Stitched

Well done girls! Love all the patterns, colors, and even a little pattern mixing. Thanks for sharing!

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Get Creative {RMRS Round Up}

I love it when you guys get all brilliant and creative with your outfits. From making your own dress, to figuring out how to wear a piece multiple ways, to thrifting the perfect look, this week you guys had some fabulous ideas I just had to share!

from The… Late, Young Family

 Home Made Dress from Rae Gun Ramblings

Khakis 2 Ways from Rubys N Purls

Amazing Thrifted Vest from Juggling Chic


Thanks for linking up! RMRS starts again Monday morning. Can’t wait to see what you wore!

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Minty Fresh {RMRS Round Up}

With Spring right around the corner, I can’t wait to bust out all my warmer weather clothes and pick up a few new fun pieces to add to the mix. One Spring trend that seems to be flying a little under the radar, yet I’m totally obsessed with is mint. A mint blouse, a little minty bracelet, or a pop of mint in a belt, all are right on trend this season.

Check out these trendsetters with their minty fresh fashions straight from this week’s RMRS link up!

Liz from Everyday Present

Bacon Time – Stop by to win your own!

Sherri from Design to Shine

I want to steal this dress from BiblioMOMia

minty kicks from Rachel at Joyfully Weary

Way to rock the mint ladies! Thanks for sharing your super style with us :)

Link up your style posts to RMRS and check back to see if you’ve been featured!

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THOSE Skinny Red Jeans {Hems For Her}

Today I want to introduce you to someone who I’ve only “known” for a short time, yet immediately struck me as a girl I need in my life. Meet Katie…

Katie’s blog Hems for Her is the ripe old age of 3 weeks, and I couldn’t love it more! I first found Katie through this little post, and immediately fell in love. Scary patterned tights, skinny jeans, belts, Katie goes for it all with no fear!

She embraces her bod, she embraces her style, and she looks incredible doing it! Amazing style and an amazing attitude simply make me smile with every post I read.

Without further ado…here’s Katie!


I didn’t coin the phrase FATshionista, but I wish I had because if you looked it up in The Dictionary of Awesome Words (not an actual dictionary, yet), you’d find a picture of me.


Our culture is inundated with unrealistic expectations about beauty and what makes a woman attractive, and for years, I fell into that “trap” and unhealthy mindset of “I’m not pretty.” I dressed myself as plainly as I could, as not to draw attention to the obvious fact (like someone pointing out that huge zit on the tip of your nose) that I wasn’t a size six – or the now in-vogue size 00 (that is a for real size- what?!?!?) I admired clothes only in terms of “If Only” (for example, “If only I lost 30/40/50 pounds I could buy that”) and “Somedays” (as in, “Someday when I’m skinny I’ll be able to wear that”).

I know I’m not the only woman out there who’s been missing out because of that little self-hater buried deep inside!

But no more! Today I dare you to step up and step out. Wear that “If Only” or that “Someday”. What are you waiting for Carpe Diem!

If only I could lose 50 pounds then I’d wear those skinny red jeans.

Someday when I’m a size six, then I’ll be able to wear those skinny red jeans.

Today, was that “someday”. “If only” I had worn these pants sooner! I rocked it!

When my son was younger, I took him to the playground. He wanted to go down one of the big kid slides. I was afraid for him, but he insisted. He was so small and the slide was so high that when he got to the bottom he flew right off and fell on the ground. He cried; I cried. It was traumatic. A few minutes later though, he got up and wanted to do it again.

I asked him, “Aren’t you afraid?”

He told me, very emphatically, “No! I’m Sean Logan Frost!”

And he went down the slide again. Without fear.

Why do we lose this fearless spirit? Why do we allow other people to dictate what makes us feel good? Why do we deny ourselves red pants?

So what are you waiting for? Here’s your challenge and your invitation! Wear that something you’ve been too afraid to wear. Wear it today! Today my motto was, “Carpe Denim”. What’s yours?



I’m totally afraid to wear patterned/textured tights for fear of making my childhood nickname of thunder thighs (thanks Beck, love you!) look like a reality. But I say NO MORE!!!! So when you see patterned/textured tights appear, we all have Katie to thank  ;)

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Mix It Up! {Little Miss Momma}

If there is one thing I’ve learned about life as a momma, you find out who’s got your back real quick.
Kiddo driving you crazy..who do you call?
Need an emergency babysitter…who do you call?
Must get fashion approval before leaving the house…who do you message a pic to?
Today, my “who do I call” is here today to cover YOUR back when it comes to mixin’ up the momma fashion!
Me, Ashley (Little Miss Momma), and her awesome momma Michelle (Life Buy the Beach) at Bloggy Boot Camp
Hey girlies,
I’m Ashley, author of Little Miss Momma.
I am NO fashion guru.
But some days I get fed up with the same ol’ loose Momma sweats
and stained gap v-neck t-shirts I have in every color. 
Some days I would like to look like
at least a former version of my pre-baby self.
And on those days I have my BFF, Nina, take pictures
as proof, that on occasion I do dress like a girl.
But I still like to keep things simple.
As in I own at least a dozen all white shirts.
Dress em up. Dress em down.
All white shirts are a wardrobe must.
And today I will show you three different looks for the same exact white shirt.
#1 Preppy Casual
This is an outfit I would wear to a weekend BBQ.
The flats keep it totally casual, and the skirt makes it a bit more dressed up than the usual t-shirt and jeans.


{that’s my “oh no you didn’t” face–my toddler is very familiar with this one}
Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt: Old Navy, Belt: Old Navy, Bracelet: Lee La La, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Forever 21, Earrings: F21
#2 Date Night
Adding a simple blazer and high heels can dress up any out just enough to make it “night on the town” worthy.


Pants: Forever 21, Blazer: Thrifted, Shoes: Forever 21
#3 Every Day Wear
This is something I would wear day to day to run my errands with Baby W.  Although being totally honest, I am not such a big fan of this outfit now that I am looking at the pictures. I am thinking tucking the shirt into these loose pants was taking things a bit too far–oh well. 

Live and learn, that’s fashion for a Real Momma.  
Pants: Old Navy, Shoes: DSW, Leather Feather Earrings: tutorial here.
Please stop by Little Miss Momma and say hi any time.

Told ya she’s got your back! LOVE IT! It really is amazing how one basic shirt can turn into so many great outfits. I’m definately making it a goal of mine to mix it up more. Thanks Ash!

***No two small children were mildly hurt beating each other up during the making of this post ;)  ***

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Stealing Kylie’s Style

When it comes to life in general fashion, I run out of ideas real quick. I’m not one of those cool kids {Ashley I’m talking to you} who looks in my closet and an idea just jumps out at me. I need some help in the inspiration department.

Enter the celeb magazines! I’m not a huge fan of the gossip magazines, but I do love me some People and InStyle. I’ve recently realized that my favorite time waster relaxation is also a great place to look for outfit inspiration. DUH!
In the latest issue of People Style Watch, I saw this stunning picture of Kylie Minogue.
It got my wheels turning….why can’t I do this look? I have khakis sitting in the back of my closet that I had to get for family photos and never wore again. I have a white flowy top. I even have a statement necklace.
But do I have the courage to be a curvy girl in light pants and a white top? Will I look cute or will I look like him?
Only one way to find out!
Top,Pants: Old Navy  Shrug: Ann Taylor Loft  Ring: Little Miss Momma  Necklace:???  Wedges: Marshalls 
Never ever, ever, ever, in a million years thought I would LIKE this outfit!
Surprisingly comfy, the extra height from the wedges balances out the extra highlight on the thighs from the light pants, and I get to wear this killer necklace that I bought right after I got married and have never worn. Apparently it makes me write run-on sentences too!
So folks, here’s my answer to the “new style” challenge of Fashion Week. This outfit is something I never would have dreamed about wearing, let alone put on. All I had to do was find some inspiration and dig through my closet a little.
Dig through your closet and try on your “new style”!

I’m combining the New Style Link Up with Real Momma, Real Style on Monday. There will be 2 separate link ups, so get those outfits ready and join the fun!

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Beautiful Imperfection {I Believe In Unicorns}

Today I am beyond excited to have the beautiful and super stylish Ashley from i believe in unicorns!
I will admit that I was a terrible blogger and stalked Ashley for months without ever saying hi {hangs head in shame}. Luckily she forgave me and came to share her amazing style and how perfect imperfection can be!
Hello Beautiful Readers! 
I’m so lucky to be guest posting for the wonderfully fashionable Nina!
My name is Ashley and I have a little blog called i believe in unicorns. where I write about life, love, marriage, fashion, and even unicorns sometimes…I’d love to hear from you over at the blog!
In Idaho, I used to live right next to a lumber yard.
Everyday, going in and out of town, I was thrilled by it.
I loved the textures, the lines, the colors, and the shapes each log provided; and I especially loved the masterpiece they created together. 
Aren’t the beautiful in all their imperfect glory?
I find myself being turned off by perfection–I prefer interest.
After dreaming about it for months, I finally got up the courage to ask if I could take pictures in their workyard, and wouldn’t you know it–they said yes!
The lighting wasn’t ideal, but it also wasn’t raining or snowing, so we took what we could get.
I’m so happy we worked this shoot in on one of our very last days in Rexburg.
The Breakdown:
Maroon Dress: Vintage $19ish
Leopard Belt: Forever21 $3
Trouser socks: Macy’s $2
Leather Heels: Rocket Dog $60ish

Ashley, you are a GENIUS! It is so easy for many of us to get wrapped up in everything needing to be “perfect”. Thank you for reminding us that beauty comes from being unique and different, not cookie cutter copies of each other.

Take it from Ashley and go try a look that you think might not be perfectly polished. Or take pictures somewhere that has a different beauty. Dare to be imperfect!

Head over to i believe in unicorns to check out all of Ashley’s amazing looks. They will seriously get your wheels turning :)

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Work With What Ya Got {Freckles in April}

Have you ever stumbled upon a blog that has made you stop and think, “hey, what a great idea!”. I swear that happens to me every time I stop by to read Kayla at Freckles in April.
Like this little piece of genius… a super chic water color cloud tunic made from 2 Hanes v-necks….for realz??? I’m not cool enough to ever have thought to do that, let alone have it look that awesome!
Today, Kayla is here to show us how we can take those things that sit in the back of our closet and make them some of our favorite pieces!

Freckles in April Fashion Blogger for a day

As a fashion blogger and, you know, a girl, heaven knows I LOVE new clothes. Perusing the racks and hanging out in the dressing room are some of my favorite pastimes (is that sad?). But I also rather dislike spending money, so I’ve gotten fairly adept at making stuff I already own (or freebies!) work for me.

My guess is that you’ve got at least a small handful of things that have been banished to the dark recesses of your closet for one reason or another. It doesn’t fit quite right. The color isn’t flattering. There’s a stain that won’t come out.

Here’s my philosophy: if I’m not wearing it then I might as well attempt to get it to the point where I WILL wear it. And if I ruin it in the process, eh. Who cares? I wasn’t wearing it anyway.

This black and white maxi skirt had been languishing in my closet for well over a year. I loved it once upon a time but it got these weird yellow stains in the perfect position to make it look like I had wet my pants. Lovely. I finally used a couple shades of RIT dye and had myself a lovely new skirt/dress that I will actually get some use out of.

I occasionally make my husband clean out his side of the closet and give the castoffs to me. This shirt had just sort of been hiding in the back for a while. He kept thinking he’d wear it again but he has a similar one that he likes better. I thought long and hard about what to do with it but ultimately decided to just take it in to fit me. It was a simple fix that cost me nothing.

My mom let me go through her Goodwill pile a couple days ago and I snapped up this shirt. I love the mandarin collar and the fantastic blue color but it’s too big. Instead of using my sewing machine to take it in, I just wrapped it around me as far as it would go and added a belt. It’s commitment free and I love the asymmetrical effect.

Be honest, raise your hand (I can’t see you), who else is about to go running to their closet to find something to dye or a shirt they can pilfer??? Raise ‘em high! I know I am!!! I told ya Kayla was that awesome!

Don’t forget the NEW STYLE LINK UP this weekend! One of you better show up with a new piece of dyed awesomeness!

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How To ROCK Your Style {La Vie Petite}

When I thought of doing Fashion Week, I knew right away that there was only one person to kick off my awesome guest bloggers….Cori from La Vie Petite!
She’s gorgeous, her pictures are unpretentious yet stunning, she alone convinced me to try tucking in, and her style always leaves me thinking about how I could do that too. And did I mention she sews a lot of her own clothes….like this amazing skirt! My sewing machine is crying in the corner begging for some love.
You know when you “meet” someone and you just know that you were meant to be friends….that’s Cori. Now only if we could get those pesky few hundred miles out of the way :(  
So without further ado…’s Cori!
Hey all you Momma Go Round readers!  I’m Cori and I blog over at La Vie Petite where I love sharing my adventures with my 3 crazy littles, sewing my own clothes, dressing my petite body, learning French, and braving white pants with toddlers.  This is serious ladies.  I like to live on the edge.

I want to thank the always lovely Nina for giving me the opportunity to talk about one of my favorite things today:  clothes!

So I’m short.  Like really short.  As in, a couple inches shy of 5 feet.  And apparently there aren’t enough of us super shorties out there because stores just don’t cater to us.  I used to shop the kiddo section, but once I had babies, wearing kid’s clothes was no longer an option, because with mommy-hood came mommy-hips.  And incidentally they don’t account for mommy-hips in little girl jeans.  Hmpf, go figure.  (Side note: I actually once altered a pair of size 12 little girl jeans into maternity pants.  I don’t think that was their intended purpose…) To make a long story short, when I decided a few years ago that I was ready to take on the challenge of learning how to dress my body, in clothes that fit, and that I felt comfortable in, that fit my personal style and made me feel good in my own skin, I knew it would be a challenge because while I’m small, I’m also cheap.  I like sales, and I flat-out refuse to pay full price for anything.  Thanks mom. 

Since dressing myself was/is such a challenge I’ve learned a few little tricks along the way.
First, fit is everything.  I’m hyper-aware of fit because most stuff I try on is way too big and I HATE when something is too big.  I feel like I stole something from my big sister’s closet.  If your clothes don’t fit right, it doesn’t really matter how cute they are, they distract from you.  Coco Chanel used to say: “look for the woman in the dress; if there is no woman, there is no dress.”  Well fitted clothes complement your best body features and downplay trouble areas.  Never hide behind baggy clothes, but don’t be afraid to go a size up, either. NO ONE CAN SEE YOUR TAG!  There’s nothing worse than that saggy belly skin hanging over your jeans. If that’s happening, just buy a size up,  Who cares if it’s a 6 instead of a 4?  Nobody knows it but you.  You’ll look a lot better in clothes that fit your body, right now, just like it is.

Second, accessories are your friend.  Start out with good, basic, well fit wardrobe staples and then stock up on accessories.  Scarves, shoes, statement necklaces, and belts are all a great way to remix an outfit and take it from “half-baked” to “holy-heck she looks good.”  Keep in mind that there are many ways to wear a scarf, necklace, belt, or brooch.  Don’t be afraid to make your accessories pull a double duty.  But make sure you don’t go into over-kill land either.  My mom used to tell me, you should never have more than ten points of interest on an outfit.  And I try to remember that when I get dressed. 

Third, don’t be afraid of colors.  Repeat after me: colors are your friend.  Things don’t always have to be too matchy-matchy to work.  My best outfits are the ones were I throw in a splash of color here or there, something unexpected.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with color pairings that you’ve never tried or even considered in the past.  You might discover something fabulous.  Be aware though, there should be an underlying structure.  Make sure the colors complement each other, and don’t get too busy with the colors either.  Remember the ten points.  We don’t want to look like Rainbow Brite threw-up on us.  Keep in mind also, that going monochromatic is a great option as well.  When done right, it creates a long lean line which make you look taller, and ahem, slimmer.  You can always add a splash of color with an accessory.

And fourth, have fun with textures.  Layering different textures and patterns can be fun and surprising.  I love wearing a pair of distressed jeans with a silk top, a pair of riding boots with a nice pencil skirt, or a sequined shell with a chunky sweater.  The point is, fashion is supposed to be fun.  So have fun with your clothes and be fabulous! 

Come stop by La Vie Petite and say hello!
I told you Cori is amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing these awesome tips and tricks! I know that I for one need to embrace color….there is life beyond the grey cardigan Nina.

Don’t forget the NEW STYLE LINK UP this weekend!

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Does THIS Make Me Look Stupid?

It’s been driving me slightly off the deep end trying to figure out how to pose for my style posts! Come on, it can’t be that hard, can it?

So I’ve been scouring my fav style blogs to get some ideas from the girls.

Like the ever stylish, always adorable Kendi from Kendi Everyday. I loved this one knee popped slightly leaning back while not looking at the camera pose.

WARNING: Not a real outfit I left the house in. Just something simple so we could see body lines.
I truly thought I was going to hate this pose on me. I thought my c-section pooch was going to hang out in all its glory…WRONG! The face still needs a little work, but this one might actually stick around.

I am slightly obsessed with all the fun and playful poses that Cori from La Vie Petite does. She always looks happy and natural….like she’s just taking a stoll through the park.
I, on the other hand, realized that my pants are too high rise for this pose! While I like the concept on me, most of my pants are mid-rise to keep that pooch tucked in. Doesn’t work so well for the hands-in-pockets look.
FACES! I just want to copy every single funny, funky, quirky, adorable face that Kristine from Kristine or Polly does. She’s hilarious! They always make her pictures so interesting and like you know a little more about her personality.
Yeah, we might leave this one to Kristine!
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