Bloggie Bestie {Kassi from Truly Lovely}

Whether near or far, talked in person or just online, friends are friends, and I’m grateful for each and everyone. A few days ago, my friend Kassi from Truly Lovely swooped in right when I needed a friend. She asked me to switch places with her for her Bloggie Bestie series, right when I really needed a good distraction from all the packing and signing and bleeding money.

I couldn’t be more excited to have Kassi here today, and to be over at Truly Lovely sharing my thoughts on how I build an outfit.

So sit back, enjoy, and let Kassi make your day a little more lovely ;)

Hello there lovely Momma Go Round readers!!!

I am SO BEYOND excited to be here today! I’ve been reading Nina’s blog since… Well, since I started reading blogs!

It’s always been a favorite, so it’s my pleasure to be sharing her slice of blog land today!

(She’s over at my place sharing some fun right now too, so as soon as your done here I’m sure she’d love a visit!)

By the way, I’m Kassi and I blog over at Truly Lovely, ‘an all things lovely’ blog written by me and my sister, Kayli.

We like to talk about crafts, recipes, being thankful, fashion… You know, the LOVELY things in life! :) You can learn more about us and our blog by clicking our picture up there, but in the meantime… I would love to share my most recent sewing endeavor with you dolls!!!

sewing pattern

We all know Nina is quite the fashionista and every fashionista loves her some accessories! My favorite accessory is always a good bag! :) Now, I’ll be honest, I’ve only really gotten into sewing within the last year or so, I am by no means an expert. But I can totally handle an EASY shopping tote pattern! ;) Every lady needs a lovely tote for those fun shopping excursions, am I right?!

So, needless to say, I whipped one up! :) I’m not going to give you a rundown of how it was made… If you want to make one, the pattern is available in most craft stores or online (Simplicity W2420).

But I am going to tell you that with a couple yards of fabric and my sewing machine I made myself an accessory that I’m more proud to carry than any $100 bag!

The reasons I’m so proud of this tote? I saved my family the money it would’ve taken to purchase a more expensive bag… I made myself something that I can actually use and enjoy! All while staying in my budget!

We’ve all read how Nina stays within her shopping budget by carefully shopping for just the right item. Well in this case, I MADE myself just the right item! :)

Maybe you’re not a seamstress… But you can just as easily make yourself a beautiful beaded necklace or dye that faded pair of blue jeans into a bright pink pair that’s become so popular. ;) It’s totally doable friends!

And I think that’s Real Momma, Real Style worthy, don’t you!?! ;)

Thanks so much to Nina for having me over today! Hope you’ll stop by Truly Lovely sometime!


Style has nothing to do with how much you spent, where you got it, or if it’s “in”. It’s all about finding/making what you love and expressing yourself. I just LOVE that pink pattern…wanna make me one ;)

Thanks so much for being a bright spot in my crazy week Kassi!

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I Want To Eat Her!

Where in the world did that saying come from? “I want to eat you”.

It’s usually connected with someone or something so stinkin’ adorabe and loveable that all you want to do is nibble on their cheeks….or is that just me?

As the well documented most affectionate person in the world, I’m not shy about getting my snuggle on, giving giant bear hugs, or nom noming on some cheeks. To know me, is to be eaten by me.

That is exactly how I feel about Lisa.

I got to meet Lisa this weekend at CE and I could not want to eat her more. I will admit, I’m often intimidated by the cute, small, ridiculously gorgeous girls. I think it stems from this describes my momma, and let’s just say I came out more like my dad. So while I’m sure Lisa will get a kick out of this, I was intimidated to meet her.

Lisa shares her story, her life, and her ridiculously cute fashion over at Momma’s Me Time….don’t we all need some of that?! I usually want to steal every outfit she wears, hijack her amazing hair, and nibble on her little cutie E (who is like exactly LJ’s age, so they have to move to LA so they boys can be bff’s).

I found out that what I love most about Lisa is that she is just as real in person as she seems on her blog. It’s not an act, or some edited version of herself. She was brave and came to CE all by herself…not sure I would be brave enough to do that! I admire her for putting herself out there, letting me get to love her, and sitting in the airport for 12 hour alone on the way home without losing her mind.

Intimidating….no way. Just loveable!

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THOSE Skinny Red Jeans {Hems For Her}

Today I want to introduce you to someone who I’ve only “known” for a short time, yet immediately struck me as a girl I need in my life. Meet Katie…

Katie’s blog Hems for Her is the ripe old age of 3 weeks, and I couldn’t love it more! I first found Katie through this little post, and immediately fell in love. Scary patterned tights, skinny jeans, belts, Katie goes for it all with no fear!

She embraces her bod, she embraces her style, and she looks incredible doing it! Amazing style and an amazing attitude simply make me smile with every post I read.

Without further ado…here’s Katie!


I didn’t coin the phrase FATshionista, but I wish I had because if you looked it up in The Dictionary of Awesome Words (not an actual dictionary, yet), you’d find a picture of me.


Our culture is inundated with unrealistic expectations about beauty and what makes a woman attractive, and for years, I fell into that “trap” and unhealthy mindset of “I’m not pretty.” I dressed myself as plainly as I could, as not to draw attention to the obvious fact (like someone pointing out that huge zit on the tip of your nose) that I wasn’t a size six – or the now in-vogue size 00 (that is a for real size- what?!?!?) I admired clothes only in terms of “If Only” (for example, “If only I lost 30/40/50 pounds I could buy that”) and “Somedays” (as in, “Someday when I’m skinny I’ll be able to wear that”).

I know I’m not the only woman out there who’s been missing out because of that little self-hater buried deep inside!

But no more! Today I dare you to step up and step out. Wear that “If Only” or that “Someday”. What are you waiting for Carpe Diem!

If only I could lose 50 pounds then I’d wear those skinny red jeans.

Someday when I’m a size six, then I’ll be able to wear those skinny red jeans.

Today, was that “someday”. “If only” I had worn these pants sooner! I rocked it!

When my son was younger, I took him to the playground. He wanted to go down one of the big kid slides. I was afraid for him, but he insisted. He was so small and the slide was so high that when he got to the bottom he flew right off and fell on the ground. He cried; I cried. It was traumatic. A few minutes later though, he got up and wanted to do it again.

I asked him, “Aren’t you afraid?”

He told me, very emphatically, “No! I’m Sean Logan Frost!”

And he went down the slide again. Without fear.

Why do we lose this fearless spirit? Why do we allow other people to dictate what makes us feel good? Why do we deny ourselves red pants?

So what are you waiting for? Here’s your challenge and your invitation! Wear that something you’ve been too afraid to wear. Wear it today! Today my motto was, “Carpe Denim”. What’s yours?



I’m totally afraid to wear patterned/textured tights for fear of making my childhood nickname of thunder thighs (thanks Beck, love you!) look like a reality. But I say NO MORE!!!! So when you see patterned/textured tights appear, we all have Katie to thank  ;)

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A Master Class in Thrifting {with 5 Days…5 Ways}

Boy do I have a treat for you guys today!

While I’m a self admitted “cheap” shopper, thrifting has never been my thing. I’ve only tried a few times, and almost everytime I’ve walked out with nothing. I’m just not fabulous at finding the diamonds in the rough, or seeing how I could change something to make it spectacular.

Meet Abbie.

Now she is a thrifting master! The amazing pieces she finds, the ridiculously tiny amount she spends, and the incredible style she has….I’m jealous guys.

So sit back, relax, and prepare to be schooled in the art of thrifting.


Hi there, folks! I’m so excited that Nina is having me by for a visit to chat with you stylin’ chickies about thrifty fashion.
My name is Abbie from Five days…5 ways and Secondhand or Bare Bottom. Yes, that’s right. I run not one but two blogs. Because being a mama to three children under 6, teaching fitness classes, trying to keep my house reasonably clean, knocking out a few DIY projects now and then, and spending time with my amazing husband doesn’t keep me busy enough.

Uh huh.

Here’s a quick peak at some of the things that I’ve been up to at Five days…5 ways, my primary blog where I write about a different theme for each day of the week (Move-it Monday—fitness, Try-it Tuesday—tutorials, Wardrobe Wednesday—fashion, 5 Things Thursday—a list with pics of 5 items on my mind, and Feature Friday— what/whomever I want to feature that day):


When I’m not crafting or cooking or DIYing something-or-other, I love putting together fun and funky ensembles for next to no money.

Honestly, if you had told me even six months ago that I would write a style blog, I probably would have a) asked, “What’s a style blog?” and b) said, “Yeah, right!” once you explained it to me.

Don’t get me wrong. I love style. And I think that I’m at least competent at combining various pieces for a cohesive look, but blogging about it had never occurred to me until I started posting some of my low-dollar, high-style looks on my Wardrobe Wednesday segment at 5D5W.

You see, I buy almost all of my clothes at Goodwill. And by “almost all,” I mean probably 95% of my closet (click to view my master closet transformation). I’ve always been thrifty, even before I became obsessed with thrifting, but I never thought much of it until my readers started responding with, “I can’t BELIEVE you found that at Goodwill!” or, “I can’t BELIEVE you only paid $10 for that outfit, shoes and accessories included” (no, I didn’t leave out a zero; ten smackeroos!).

And it was then that I realized that I really could dress myself from the top of my head down to my toes in 100% thrifted fashion and look great doing it.

And Secondhand or Bare Bottom was born.

Top: Forever 21/Goodwill ($3), Skirt: Goodwill ($4), Belt: GW ($1), Shoes: Kenneth Cole for Tribeca ($3), Bag: GW ($3) Jewelry: Goodwill ($3), Rubber band: c/o I-forgot-that-was-on-my-wrist

TOTAL: $17

I call that ruffly purse my “Bugs Bunny” bag, since I could probably load it up with a brick, Bugs-style, and whack you upside the head with it, and you wouldn’t complain. It’s that cute.

Top: At Last/Goodwill ($3), Jeans: Abercrombie/GW ($5), Shoes: Calico/GW ($3), Belt: GW ($1), Purse: Vintage Saddle River/GW ($4), Earrings: GW ($2), Bracelet: Gift from the hubs

TOTAL: $18

Anthro shoes, a vintage quilted leather purse, and more ruffles. *LOVE*

Sparkly tank: Old Navy/Goodwill ($3), Ruffled shirt: Ann Taylor Loft/GW ($3), Jeans: Miss Me/GW ($5), Shoes: Target/clothes-swap ($0), Earrings: GW ($2), Belt: GW ($1), Purse: GW ($3), Bracelet (which reads, “Boo loves Alby”): made by moi

TOTAL: $17

More ruffles (a theme, perhaps?), designer jeans, and killer accessories. Did I mention I got every bit of this at Goodwill?

How about one more?

Dress: Goodwill ($5), Tank: GW ($2), Belt: GW ($1), Necklace: GW ($1), Earrings: Gifted, Shoes: Gifted


Seriously, apparently I’ve never met a ruffle I didn’t like.

So, have I convinced you that you too can look fabulous without ever setting foot in a retail store?

I hope so. But if you’re a thrifting novice and you feel lost about where to even start, let me recommend a guest-post I did for The Pleated Poppy’s popular What I Wore Wednesday segment where I shared some of my most helpful thrifting tips.

It will at least point you in the right direction.

And because my motto is, “If you can’t tell the difference, you shouldn’t have to pay for it,” I’ve also started a series at Five day…5 ways called Thrifted or Grifted, where you try to guess which between two outfit is 100% thrifted and which is 100% retail, and then you vote. It’s loads of fun!

I hope you’ll stop by and say hi at either/both of my blogs, and I’d love to hear any thrifty shopping tips you have to share.

Thanks so much for reading along with me today and again to Nina for hosting me. What a gal!

Oh, and I’m dying to know…what’s the best fashion deal, thrifting or otherwise, you’ve ever scored?


So, who else is dying to make Abbie go thrifting with them? I only hope I can find half the amazing deals that she does!

Thank you so much Abbie!

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Layers of Fall Goodness

Our final guest poster for Summer to Fall Fashion Week has been a real inspiration for me, and she may not even know it.

I grew up in a small town suburb of LA in a rather conservative family. In college, I joined my church, and with it came new standards to follow. I’d never dressed in revealing clothes, but the new modesty standards left me fashionably baffled. How on Earth am I supposed to keep my shoulders covered, skirts to the knee, and not sweat to death in Summer? What can I wear besides plain old t-shirts? How exactly do I do this layering thing?

Layering…meet your match!

 Patterns, textures, lengths, nothing stops Sara from The House of Shoes. Back in May/June, I was petrified of this Summer. I haven’t spent one modestly dressed summer looking like any form of good. Then I found Sara and she opened my eyes to all sorts of new ideas on how to make Summer clothes work for me.

Today, Sara blows my mind with yet another brilliant solution for modesty, as well as transitioning a super Summer skirt.

Do your thang Sara!

Hello Momma Go Round readers! 
My name is Sara Shoemaker over at The House of Shoes,
and I am so honored to be here. I was soooo happy when Nina emailed me
asking me if I could be part of her Summer to Fall fashion week.
I just Adore her blog and her style.
Fall is surrrriously my favorite time of year since I was a kid.
The changing leaves, my birfday, THE CLOTHES!
And for some reason it makes me want to curl up in my cable knit sweater
and watch You’ve Got Mail.
So anyhoo, onto the outfit. 
This skirt is one of my Favorite summer finds at the thrift store.
It used to be Gap Maternity but I folded down the elastic waist and added a belt.
Here’s how I wore it this summer. Heels and a bright summery top:


And here’s how I changed it up for Fall! 
I added my fave scarf and blazer, and changed the bright yellow top to a mustard..
..and some warm leggings with my Madden booties I got on sale!
{I almost never buy anything full price.}
Another trick I often do is add a 2nd skirt underneath a skirt that is too short, like this! :)
  • blazer: thrifted
  • scarf: gift
  • mustard top: forever 21
  • belt: Wet Seal
  • floral skirt: Gap thrifted
  • white under-skirt: forever 21
  • shoes: Steve Madden c/o Amazon
  • ring: charlotte russe

I hope you enjoyed my summer to fall fashion.
Thank you SO much Nina!!
If you want to see more of my thrifty fashion ideas,
you can find me over at The House of Shoes!


Layering skirts, stealing from the maternity section, booties with a floral skirt…could I be any more in awe of your creative genius??? So many great ideas to keep those Summer pieces going all Fall long. Thanks Sara!

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Summer + Summer = Fall

Meet Ramsey.
Fashion diva. Future lawyer. Vintage collector extrodinare.
Elle Woods, eat your heart out!
Every morning I wake up, roll over, grab my phone, and hope there’s a new Love, Ramsey post up.
There’s just something about the way Ramsey mixes classic pieces in a whole new way keeps me coming back for more. Oh, and she rocks hairstyles like no other :)
Today, Ramsey is here to teach us how mixing our Summer pieces can help us create the perfect look for Fall.

Show us your stuff Ramsey!

I might be speaking a tad bit out of my element here, as we don’t really have such a thing as fall here in Florida. Ok, well that is being a bit harsh. We do have a pretty beautiful fall season. Last year it came on a Tuesday. Regardless, I am he-yah to talk summer to fall fashion y’all.
This look is a bit of a rule breaker (hint hint: the one about wearing white after Labor Day), but, throwing caution to the wind, who needs rules anyway. I think a classic black and white is just the crisp look one needs on a crisp fall day. Here I paired a vintage (mom’s!) 80′s blazer with a Forever 21 dress and Target, pointed-toe flat wedges.
I adore vintage inspiration for fall looks! Gold and pearls are always nice buddies for a simple black and white look and I took a hint from Carrie Bradshaw and added the DIY flower brooch for good measure (Carrie knows best.). I love smokey eyes with nude lips to carry along the black and white look!
So there. Summer + summer can=fall. Don’t check my math. I’m in law school, not business school. Anywho, take a look (and a thought) at stepping outside the box for the classic “browns” fall and make some of your summer pieces work doubletime. Happy fall, y’all!


I never would have thought to keep layering on the Summer pieces to get a great Fall look, but I love it!

Make sure to stop by Love, Ramsey to see all of Ramsey’s amazing looks. I promise, she won’t disappoint!

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Be Prepared To D.I.E.

****WARNING: This post may cause pee inducing laughter. Take precautions. You’ve been warned!****
Ladies and…well let’s face it, ladies. Introducing the one, the only, can’t be duplicated Angie of The Hotness Your Momma Warned You About!
Have you ever “met” (or met) someone that is just totally your crazy cup of tea? Well, Angie my dear, you may be the only person on this planet who could de-throne my hubs as the official Funniest Person I Know. Ssshhh. Don’t tell him!
Amazing style. Lover of all Old Navy fabulousness. And a killer laugh factor? Trifecta of style blogger awesomeness.

Angie….do your thing!


Good Day Momma Go Rounders.  My name is Angie and I am the Director of Sparklegemawesomeness over at The Hotness Your Momma Warned You About, which I describe as an San Francisco comedy blog with a side of style.  
Nina is the sweetest and, has invited me to come by and talk to y’all about transitioning my favorite Summer staple into Autumn. Much to my surprise, my favorite item in my wardrobe, in the Miss America of seasons, was actually a pair of olive military-style Old Navy  shorts.  I grew up in the South and have always been taught that shorts are for yardwork.  Young ladies wear dresses and skirts to stay cool but put together.  I never really was fond of my gams, however hoofing it up and down the hills of Frisco everyday, has whipped them into tip-top shape, so I feel a lot more comfy showing them off.  
I know how Nina is a fan of Old Navy, and I definitely am as well.  I stumbled upon my army green shorts on the sale rack during a threepinotgrigio lunch (sideeye me all you want, you know you have done it too…or at least wish you could).  Since I bought these shorts, they have been everywhere with me… Giants games, vineyard hopping, Sunday BBQ’s, and even work.  Here is my favorite combo that I came up with this Summer.
Just because the days are going to become shorter and nights crisper, there is no way in the world that I am going to retire the current sweethearts of my walk-in closet.  These actually may get more action in the coming months.  I chose to keep this transitional look on the neutral side with printed tights, slouchy boots, and a nubby short sleeved sweater (and obviously, the obligatory gypsy turband, duh).  I may not be able to show as much of my stemskin (legs) during the Fall, but I find that one of the sexiest features on woman is her shoulders. (when is the last time you said “Babe, do my shoulders look fat in this?”  The answer is NEVER!)  Dare to rock an off the shoulder look, if you dare.  I promise you won’t look too “Flashdance” and it’s a nice way to show off the last few days of that tan you have been working on since May.
I kept the ranting, wordjumbles, Britney Spears worship, unicorns, youtubery, web and wordvom to a minimum today, but if you are interested in that type of thing, get all Three’s Company on me and Come and knock on my door.  Nina, thank you so much for the opportunity to talk to your audience.  
Short Circuit.

She’s not kidding, her overweight unicorn is about the most hilarious thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.

I love Angie’s idea of using patterned tights to keep the warmth without losing the style! And so true….shoulders and feet never fail to make you happy on a fat day! I would totally rock this sweater (with a capsleeve of course, cause that’s the way my shoulders roll).

Make sure to visit Angie over at The Hotness Your Momma Warned You About….but visit the bathroom first ;)

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Real Momma, Real Style {Summer to Fall Fashion Week}

Welcome to the kick off of Summer to Fall Fashion Week!!!

I’m so excited to share with you guys so many great bloggers that I constantly look to for inspiration. These ladies always leave me wanting more and anxiously awaiting their next posts. Whether it’s their magical remixing powers, their incredible photos, how their personalities shine through, or simply making me roll on the floor, dying from laughter, I know you will love all these ladies as much as I do.

I’m beyond excited to introduce the incredible Emerald from Sunday Crossbow as host of this week’s RMRS.


Yeah….she did just pull off stripes and floral together, and looks SMASHING doing it. She’s that good.

Emerald never ceases to amazing me with the stunning combos she comes up with. This girl makes my version of jeans and a tee look lame-0.


She’s a little vintage. A little modern. And a whole lotta awesome! Did I mention she’s like super duper sweet too? Yeah, whole package here ladies.

Take it away Emerald! 

dress (aerie); tights (kohls); boots, jacket (xxi); bag (h&m) 

We’ve made it–fall is coming and so is the closet preparation.  Like football, there is a certain spirit in the air surrounding fall fashion.  (So much that some of us–me–having already pulled out all cool weather clothing.)

When Nina asked me to do this post, I was thrilled because it was a challenge to look at what I already had.  I’ll confess I’ve already started cruising stores for autumnal accessories, but it’s important to take inventory of what’s in stock.

You may remember this dress from the 30×30 Remix.  I really do love it, but it has proven some difficulty in presentation.  Today’s post not only encourages shopping from what you have, but also to break the No-White-After-Labor-Rule.  Bloggers and fashionistas do what they want!

remix white dress.001

When transitioning wardrobe pieces from summer to fall, I follow these tricks:

1. Jacket:  I like lightweight jackets or fitted blazers to give shape, layer, and a little extra warmth.
2. Scarves:  because necks get cold too–great way to add color.
3. Leg wear:  tights under a dress or thick socks over skinny jeans.
4. Boots:  knee, calf, or ankle lengths; heeled, wedged, or flat–I can’t get enough.

Told you she’s amazing!

Anyone else wanna steal that jacket right off her? Thank you so much Emerald for showing us a great summer piece transition and giving us so many ideas! I’m determined to embrace leg wear this year.

Party Rules

    • Link up only outfit or clothing related posts.
    • Link back to this week’s party in your post.
    • Place the RMRS button somewhere on your blog. Not particular, just somewhere.
    • Vote for your favorite outfits using the “like” button!

Momma Go RoundPlease grab button from sidebar!

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Mix It Up! {Little Miss Momma}

If there is one thing I’ve learned about life as a momma, you find out who’s got your back real quick.
Kiddo driving you crazy..who do you call?
Need an emergency babysitter…who do you call?
Must get fashion approval before leaving the house…who do you message a pic to?
Today, my “who do I call” is here today to cover YOUR back when it comes to mixin’ up the momma fashion!
Me, Ashley (Little Miss Momma), and her awesome momma Michelle (Life Buy the Beach) at Bloggy Boot Camp
Hey girlies,
I’m Ashley, author of Little Miss Momma.
I am NO fashion guru.
But some days I get fed up with the same ol’ loose Momma sweats
and stained gap v-neck t-shirts I have in every color. 
Some days I would like to look like
at least a former version of my pre-baby self.
And on those days I have my BFF, Nina, take pictures
as proof, that on occasion I do dress like a girl.
But I still like to keep things simple.
As in I own at least a dozen all white shirts.
Dress em up. Dress em down.
All white shirts are a wardrobe must.
And today I will show you three different looks for the same exact white shirt.
#1 Preppy Casual
This is an outfit I would wear to a weekend BBQ.
The flats keep it totally casual, and the skirt makes it a bit more dressed up than the usual t-shirt and jeans.


{that’s my “oh no you didn’t” face–my toddler is very familiar with this one}
Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt: Old Navy, Belt: Old Navy, Bracelet: Lee La La, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Forever 21, Earrings: F21
#2 Date Night
Adding a simple blazer and high heels can dress up any out just enough to make it “night on the town” worthy.


Pants: Forever 21, Blazer: Thrifted, Shoes: Forever 21
#3 Every Day Wear
This is something I would wear day to day to run my errands with Baby W.  Although being totally honest, I am not such a big fan of this outfit now that I am looking at the pictures. I am thinking tucking the shirt into these loose pants was taking things a bit too far–oh well. 

Live and learn, that’s fashion for a Real Momma.  
Pants: Old Navy, Shoes: DSW, Leather Feather Earrings: tutorial here.
Please stop by Little Miss Momma and say hi any time.

Told ya she’s got your back! LOVE IT! It really is amazing how one basic shirt can turn into so many great outfits. I’m definately making it a goal of mine to mix it up more. Thanks Ash!

***No two small children were mildly hurt beating each other up during the making of this post ;)  ***

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Beautiful Imperfection {I Believe In Unicorns}

Today I am beyond excited to have the beautiful and super stylish Ashley from i believe in unicorns!
I will admit that I was a terrible blogger and stalked Ashley for months without ever saying hi {hangs head in shame}. Luckily she forgave me and came to share her amazing style and how perfect imperfection can be!
Hello Beautiful Readers! 
I’m so lucky to be guest posting for the wonderfully fashionable Nina!
My name is Ashley and I have a little blog called i believe in unicorns. where I write about life, love, marriage, fashion, and even unicorns sometimes…I’d love to hear from you over at the blog!
In Idaho, I used to live right next to a lumber yard.
Everyday, going in and out of town, I was thrilled by it.
I loved the textures, the lines, the colors, and the shapes each log provided; and I especially loved the masterpiece they created together. 
Aren’t the beautiful in all their imperfect glory?
I find myself being turned off by perfection–I prefer interest.
After dreaming about it for months, I finally got up the courage to ask if I could take pictures in their workyard, and wouldn’t you know it–they said yes!
The lighting wasn’t ideal, but it also wasn’t raining or snowing, so we took what we could get.
I’m so happy we worked this shoot in on one of our very last days in Rexburg.
The Breakdown:
Maroon Dress: Vintage $19ish
Leopard Belt: Forever21 $3
Trouser socks: Macy’s $2
Leather Heels: Rocket Dog $60ish

Ashley, you are a GENIUS! It is so easy for many of us to get wrapped up in everything needing to be “perfect”. Thank you for reminding us that beauty comes from being unique and different, not cookie cutter copies of each other.

Take it from Ashley and go try a look that you think might not be perfectly polished. Or take pictures somewhere that has a different beauty. Dare to be imperfect!

Head over to i believe in unicorns to check out all of Ashley’s amazing looks. They will seriously get your wheels turning :)

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