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With my birthday only 3 weeks away, I’m eagerly awaiting shopping funds. While now I’m relegated to internet browsing and magazine perusing, the day when funds are burning a hole in my pocket will arrive all too quickly… and I need a game plan :)

Gap Broken-in Straight Khakis in Active Blue

I’ve been dying for cobalt pants for months, but didn’t really want super skinny jeans. When I saw these from Gap, I had to restrain myself from adding them to my cart. They are the perfect color, perfect fit, and not horridly expensive.


Jason Wu for Target Pleated Skirt

 I actually bought a pleated skirt from Anthro on super sale back in November. It fit great, was a steal of a deal, but it was rose pink. Beautiful really, but just not what I was looking for…so back it went. Thank you Jason Wu, THIS is the skirt I’ve been looking for!

Tom's Classic Crochet

I’m totally obesessing over lace and crochet, so naturally these Tom’s are perfection. I always used to hate Tom’s thinking they were so hideous. Then I tried them on…

Source: gap.com via Nina on Pinterest


Not just any pink blazer, the Gap pink blazer. I saw it in the stores a few weeks ago and have been eagerly awaiting Feb. 9th when my cardmember 40% off any full price item coupon becomes good. You betcha I’m gonna pre-buy that baby….if I can find it :(   It’s completely off the website, so I’m praying for luck at the store.

Source: hunter-boot.com via Nina on Pinterest


Wide shaft TALL Hunter boots. Need I say more? I love my black ones, but they are shorties cause the tall ones don’t fit my giant calves. Now they do!!!

What are you wishing for this Spring?

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I’m Getting This Thing Down!

Besides trying to figure out my style and getting out of the mommy rut, I’m also on a mission to save money. I’ve ordered the Sunday paper simply for the coupons. Groupon is my new favorite site. And of course, looking for fashion steals :)

So you can imagine my excitement when a little beauty like this showed up in my mailbox.


$10 off a purchase of $10 or more…..HECK YES!

Of course this is their brilliant gimmic to get you in the store to buy way more than $10 worth of merchandise. Genius, yes, genius.


 This little beauty was already on sale for 50% off (so is most of their jewelry if you are looking for something). Throw my $10 coupon on the pile and I paid a whopping $2.15 including tax!

I think I’m getting this frugal fashionista down :)

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Mellow Yellow


Yellow is definitely the color of Spring. I’ve never been much of a yellow person, but for some reason this year I can’t get enough. Between my yellow dress, yellow flats, yellow skirt, yellow flower ring, and a yet to be revealed yellow blouse, I’m taking this color to the limits this Spring.

Just because I could go walking down the street doing my best impression of Big Bird, you think that’s going to stop me from browsing all the yellow offerings….I think not!

Feast your eyes on these beauties that I can only dream about getting…

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I Spy With My Little Eye

We all know how I LOVE my Little Miss Momma…..but I might love shoes and jewelry just as much! No matter what level of “fat day” you are having, shoes and jewelry always fit (unless you get to Shrek levels of awesomeness while pregnant like me).

Being two of my favorite things in the world, I just had to show off my collection with this week’s I Spy: Shoes and Jewelry Edition with LMM.

I spy the shoes of a little family just beginning their journey.
I spy the worn out flats of a momma on the run.
I spy the only shoes left from a life before mommahood.
I spy the shoes of two best friends a little too in sync :)
I spy the necklaces of a crafty momma trying to save a buck!
I spy well loved, over-worn toys bracelets.
I spy a ring for two kids who fell in love.
I’m linking up to the Little Miss Momma I Spy party.
What do YOU spy?

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I Died And Went To Accessory Heaven

Despite feeling super fantabulous and sounding like a 12 year old boy with a cold…Saturday is my freedom day. I was NOT missing my chance for a childless trip to the mall!

I couldn’t wait to go check out the newest addition to my mall…Charming Charlie!

Ever since my girl Terri told me about this place, I’ve been waiting with the patience of a 2 year old for mine to open! And it finally has!!!

Let me tell you, this place was even better than I guessed it was going to be. Tables as far as you can see with bags, earrings, necklaces, hats, shoes, shirts, dresses, scarves, tights, and anything else you could possibly want to accessorize with organized by COLOR!!

The white table had me at hello!

And the yellow bags….oh the bags. We all know I’m on a yellow kick, but with the amazing cutouts and scalloped edges. One please!

There were SO many rings that I wanted to take home with me! And at about $7 each, I didn’t feel too guilty about loving a bunch of them!

But in the end, I walked away with something I’ve been looking for everywhere but never found the right one…until now!

And if I didn’t love this store enough…I met a fellow blogger!
Miss Sweet Tea from Sweet Tea Diaries
I guess it takes one to know one ;)

If you have a Charming Charlie near you, GO, NOW! If you don’t, I’m crying for you. I usually can’t stand cheapo accesory stores and their, how do you say, tweenager-ness. Charming Charlie is FINALLY an accessory store for those of us who don’t want to marry Justin Bieber.

*I have no affiliation with Charming Charlie except a “hi” on Twitter. I just think their store rocks and wanted to share it with you*

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Bare Minerals…YOU Made Me Do It {The Vlog}

Alright LOVERS, I’m blaming this one on YOU!

I’ve been having a makeup crisis for the past 14 YEARS!

Since I was three, I’ve been dancing and cheering on stage in front of hundreds and thousands of people. Cakey make-up was the only way to go.

All that piled on (expensive) junk has tortured my poor skin. I still breakout like a teenager all the time! In fact, I’m pretty sure the last time I had clear skin was kindergarten.

So I went to the experts…YOU!

On Facebook, a majority of you recommended Bare Minerals. I kinda figured that’s what everyone would say, but I just had to check :P

And I LOVE it too! See that lovely red MASS on my face…poof be gone!

Check out my VERY FIRST VLOG to see me make a fool of myself rave about my love for Bare Minerals!

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LOVE my Ankle Jeans

It’s no secret that I’m minorly IN LOVE with Old Navy.

Wow, the lighting in my hallway stinks!
Maybe I shop there a little TOO much…if that’s even possible! I mean with their amazing clearance section, how can I afford not to, right hunny?
So when I was chosen to be part of Old Navy’s inaugural Style Council on Crowdtap, I was STOKED!!! My FAV store was going to give me and three BFFs free ankle jeans…..sweet!
I tried on quite a few pairs, but I really wanted ones that were more of a “boyfriend” look. Lucky for me, they were the ones that fit the best! They are cut pretty straight, so I had to go up a size to fit my hips and will need to take in a pinch at the waist.

And in NO departure from my everyday life, they needed to be taken up. They just looked like floods on me at regular length. But just a simple extra roll up and they are good to go!

I LOVE these jeans! I don’t love how shorts look on me, so I tend to stick to capris and skirts in the Spring and Summer. These will be perfect! I think I’m going to go back and and get the white ones too :)

So if you’re looking for the perfect Spring pant, this is it! They’re also on sale, which pretty much gives me a license to buy them, right?
*There was NO requirement to blog about my jeans in order to receive them. I only did because I LOVE them so much and wanted to share with you :)

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Spring Is {ALMOST} In Bloom

Yeah yeah, I know it’s February…but it might as well be May here in LA. The sun has been shinning, the sky has been blue, and I have over-dressed more days than I can count assuming winter has to show up sometime.

So instead of mourning over the winter clothes I got to wear for a few weeks (I know, laugh at me here), I figured I’d move on to Spring. Clean, fresh, bright, new, fragrant….aaaahhhh. I could handle that.

Here are some of my FAV FINDS from my FAV PLACE, Etsy!

Ahhh, I can almost smell the fresh Spring air….oh wait, I can…hehehe!
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I’m Having A Moment {Black & White Stripes}

I’m having a moment….
A black and white striped moment in fact. Lately I find myself oogling and drooling over all thing black and white striped.
It’s clean. It’s fresh. It’s modern. It’ll hide LJ goop. It’s just plain awesome!
Here’s just a sampling of stripes at their best that I would love to own!
I wish I could have them ALL!
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Why Did I Buy These???

You all know that I’ve been obsessing over getting riding boots. Like, been hunting for years and finally found them kinda obsessing.

Well lil’ ole me thought that I would rock the Kate Middleton look and stock up on a bunch of button ups to go with my boots.

Yeah, now could I get the body to go with these too please?

I bought a bunch of button ups. Classic, western, plaid, ruffled. I went a weeee bit overboard, but I love them.


Stupid, wasn’t thinking, I’m an idiot, dumb. Why, might you ask, am I being so hard on myself?

 Meet my arch nemisis….the iron. DUM DUM DUM

I hung out with this bad boy for 40 MINUTES just to iron these two!

Don’t laugh and point too hard. I KNOW I can’t iron a button up. BSB has banned me from ironing his cause I do such a terrible job.

Nina + Iron = DEATH

Dramatic….maybe. Honest….heck yes!
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