Fleur de Lys

Top Chef

It’s a little sick the power that show has over us. We know all the chefs, all the master chefs, have watched every season, and have even met Fabio at Cafe Firenze (it’s just a town over lucky for us).

Before heading to Sacramento for my friend’s wedding, we decided to stay a night in SF. We didn’t see the sights, we didn’t go shopping… we watched football in our room and got ready for a Top Chef religious experience.

See that in the background? It’s Fleur de Lys. THE Fleur de Lys.



Yes, we went to San Francisco for basically one reason, to eat. And good eaten it was!

For Him: Quail with a bunch of other stuff I don’t remember cause I was too excited about mine ;)

For Me: Filet Mignon with Lobster Tail, served with a Truffle Mac and Cheese Cupcake and Beet Bites over some yummy cheese

I got an Apple Pie Tartlet with Marzipan Crisp, Chocolate Creme Brulee and Caramel Whisp, and some ridiculously good Ice Cream for dessert. TO.DIE.FOR.

Get the bill…..also to.die.for….in a different way. This may have been our one and only (hope not!) trip to Fleur de Lys, but it was worth every ridiculously expensive bite. 

Dress: Anthropologie, Undershirt: Shade Clothing, Necklace: JCrew, Heels: c/o Nordstrom Rack

I just probably should have taken outfit pics before dinner. And before 11:30pm in the hotel lobby. Priorities people, priorities.

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Wind, Birds, and Seals OH MY!

The second stop on our little getaway was beautiful Monterey Bay. We arrived at 9:30pm after Hearst Castle, so we didn’t get to enjoy the scenery until the next day, and did it have quite the welcome in store for us!

Between the crazy “I whip my hair back and forth” style winds…

the attack of the giant killer birds (I h.a.t.e. birds!),

and the adorable seals right off the pier, Monterey brought out all the stops for our arrival.

I just love that my Fall wardrobe got to come out and play for the day. Have I mentioned my undying love for this vest yet?

Yes, I have to restrain myself from wearing it daily

And there’s nothing quite like fresh clam chowder on Fisherman’s Wharf….until it strikes back 10 minutes down the road to SF. Not cool clam chowder, not cool.

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Since yesterday’s post was the end of my little getaway, let’s go back to the beginning shall we?

On Friday the second we ditched the kiddo with my parents and blasted out of town as fast as we could. We hadn’t had a night away since last October, so we were more than ready to get this vacation started!

We took a scenic drive up the 101 to Hearst Castle in San Simeon (just outside San Luis Obispo)


This place was beyond incredible! Amazing pieces of priceless artwork, sculpture, carvings, and vintage furnishing from Hollywood’s golden age everywhere you look. Not an inch of boring old wall to be found anywhere!

It’s a photographer’s paradise. Each location more beautiful than the last.

Shirt/Pants/Belt: Old Navy, Undershirt: Shade Clothing, Sandals: Loft, Bracelets: Downtown/Nordstrom

We had the best luck ever that day! We arrived at Hearst Castle with no tickets and they were all sold out. Waited on the waiting list for exactly 5 minutes before the tour we wanted had space.

After touring La Casa Grande and the grounds, we grabbed some of the last seats on one of the buses back to the vistor’s center. We arrived just in time to catch the movie on the history of the castle. It’s a 45 minute movie and it was already 6pm, so if we had missed that showing we wouldn’t have gotten to see it.

On our tour we learned about the zoo that William Randolph Hearst used to have on the property, and that decendents of the zebras still roam the grounds today. As we were walking to our car, what do we see….zebras! It was the weirdest and coolest thing to see zebras just roaming around on the Central Coast.

Heart Castle is really an incredible place. If you ever get the chance to visit, I HIGHLY recommend it. Just leave the little kiddos at home, it is definitely not stroller friendly!

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Why I Wish Last Weekend Were This Weekend Too

Ahhhh….last weekend.

Best friends. San Francisco. Spa day. Good food. Sugar overload. Pandora lovin.

My college roomie Little D is getting married! So what do us wild and crazy girls do to celebrate? Chill at the spa, eat at our favorite casual restaurant, gorge on chocolate, and in bed by 10:30 to watch Harry Potter. Yeah, we’re crazy like that ;)


This is as naughty as we get. Rebels, we know.

Enjoying the Nob Hill Spa. Got the best massage I’ve ever had there. Can I go back now?

No such thing as too much chocolate or too much sugar for this group.

This was the first relaxing weekend away with just my girls since LJ, and I couldn’t think of anyone who I would rather spend it with. Thanks for always being by my side for the past 9 years. Love you girls!

The Roomies of 204: Little D, J-9, Me, Big D – 2003

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You Don’t Belong Here

Have you ever had a situation where your worlds collide? Two groups of friends meet. Your family meets your in-laws. Just two things that have never mixed suddenly do.
This weekend we took a trip up to Sacramento where we lived for six years. Tons of friends and memories are still there, so it very much felt like a homecoming of sorts….. except for one 32 pound little difference.
It was surreal to watch LJ, who was only a dream in my heart, play with our dear friends’ little girl who was only 6 months old when we left.
Or take LJ for breakfast at the restaurant that single handedly took all my money and gave me more than the freshman 15 in college.
To watch my baby dance with the bride at a wedding we’ve been excited for for years.
Despite the two nights of no sleep, the throwing up in bed, fever, rolling his ball up the aisle, and puking all over the table at the reception….I’m happy he was there.
It was definately a meshing of my pre-LJ days and my momma world at home, but it was so fun to have him in the place where I only dreamed of him.

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Rustic Vintage Wedding

As you know, I went to my friend’s wedding this past weekend. I knew she was getting all crafty and creative on me, but I had NO idea what I was in for.

Now I often think themes can end up too “themey” for me. I guess I like more of a motif than a theme…and she nailed it right on the head.

Presenting J&D’s Rustic Vintage Wedding

Let’s start with the location. No better way to introduce the motif than the perfect location. A beautiful old clocktower right on the water in the Northern CA Bay Area. Old, broken in, yet beautifully elegant.

The decor was incredible. Rustic without feeling worn out, vintage without feeling old. One of my favorite pieces was the most brilliant and amazing way to display seating assignments I think I’ve ever seen.

As I like to say, “previously loved” windows hung from the raftors with the seating assignments elegantly scrolled across the panes. Gorgeous in the fading sunlight and quite a stunning entrance to the party.
The windows hung above a table filled with items for the guests to interact with.
A vintage typewriter to leave our best wishes for the bride and groom.
(though I definately needed BSB’s skills to figure this bad boy out!)
A Wedding Tree for us to “leaf” our fingerprint behind.
And a beautiful arrangement of photos of family members who were there in spirit.
Somehow I missed getting a shot of the AMAZING reclaimed wood boxes that the groom made to hold the center pieces! (yo, friends, help a sister out!) I did however get the awesome place settings

highlighted by MY awesome favor tags!
There were so many simple touches and ideas that I wish I could go back and steal immitate pilfer borrow for my own wedding. Hopefully J’s geniusness will inspire you!


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Look Ma, No Tears!


We officially accomplished our first weekend away with no tears (from anyone!).

As I pulled away, I was actually happy for the most part. A little sad, but no tears! As my poor family can tell you, I’m TeRrIbLe at goodbyes (always have been), so this was a major accomplishment!
I have to admit, it was rather amazing to not have LJ with us. We were off to my college friend’s wedding and got to go places and see people that would have been difficult with LJ in tow.
This couldn’t have happened with LJ #1
We left LA Friday after work….yeah, traffic! But of course we HAD to make a detour to our FAV sushi place in Fresno (random, I know) so BSB could get the one, the only, Godzilla Roll! Seriously, we live in LA for crying out loud, but we have found nowhere that has sushi this awesome!
This couldn’t have happened with LJ #2

It’s been over 2 years since we left Davis, and I didn’t quite realize how much I missed it. We roamed campus, picked out new Davis gear at the bookstore, and ate at our favorite restaurant. It was good to take a trip down memory lane.
This couldn’t have happened with LJ #3
We got to spend a wonderful evening (and late night) catching up with old friends. Last time I saw this adorable peanut she was 6 months old. She was SOOO excited to show us her new baby chickens and stayed up with us until way past all our bedtimes.
This couldn’t have happened with LJ #4

We had an AMAZING time at the wedding. We caught up with old friends it had been way too long since we’d seen, we ate, we danced, we laughed. These girls (and one who was missing) are my soul sisters. We have been through it all, cried through it all, laughed through it all, and supported each other through it all. I love them more than words can say and I’m so happy I could spend an amazing weekend with them. I KNOW I wouldn’t have enjoyed it like I did with LJ there.
In the end, I missed my little man and am so happy to be home. But I think I’ve found a new appreciation for adult time, being with BSB without the little one, and sleeping in!
So to every mom like me, who panics at just the thought of leaving your little one, know that it is worth it!
Besides, LJ looks rockin in his new Davis gear…even if this was the best pic he would give me :(


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They Don’t Make ‘Em Like This in LA

I love LA.

I am a 5th generation Los Angelino.

We have the beach,


theater, great eats, and great weather.
But there are somethings we lack….like history.
Welcome to Philipsburg, MT. Population 50 (haha, jk…actually 923, so I wasn’t too far off!)
Our recent trip to Montana included 3 days in this awesome old mining town. Thet sure don’t make towns like this in LaLa land unless your on a backlot. All of three blocks long, you could feel the history busting out of every brick as you walk through town.
There’s an amazing candy store, The Sweet Palace, that looks like it’s straight out of the 1800′s and has the most amazing homemade fudge and taffy. There’s an old fashioned soda fountain, Doe Brothers, that has incredible huckleberry ice cream.
Seriously, this town is hilarious for a city girl like me.
Then there was our hotel, The Broadway Hotel. Stuffed to the gills with awesome old artifacts, local art, and themed rooms tht make you feel like you’ve been thrown back into the town’s heyday.
My favorite part, besides Sue who own’s the place, was the rocking chairs which had seats made from woven old leather belts. So cool! LJ loved the life sized paper mache cowboy, though we had to have more than one talk about being gentle.
It was really fun to experience somewhere that is old, loves it, embraces it, and it isn’t knocked down when filming is over. Though after three days this city girl was ready to ride off into the sunset, it was a total blast to enjoy the turn of the century for a few. 


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Ready To Go

We are headed out on our first major trip with Mr. LJ. After Christmas, we went to Palm Desert for a week with my family, but we could drive and bring all the fabulous baby gear that we wanted.

This time, we are hopping on a plane and setting of to Montana for my cousin’s wedding. I am soooo excited to see all my family and celebrate with my cousin, but I’m not so excited about the plane trip. LJ has recently developed a new ability to scream at the top of his lungs like someone is stabbing Elmo….for no reason.

So I was thinking, maybe if I can get him excited about the plane and all the cool stuff he is going to see and do, it will be better.

Enter the $5 Walmart backpack…

I gave LJ the choice in Walmart, holding up the blue camo backpack and a black one with flames. His little face lit up as he grabbed and proceeded to hug his backpack the entire time we were in the store.
I guess he likes it?

All his favorite books, toys, snacks and whatever other bribery (yes, we are resorting to bribery) I can think of will come along in an adorable, rather enormous, blue camo backpack. He looks rather adorable with it and very “big boy”.

I’m just hoping this big boy makes it through 2 hours in LAX and 3 hours on a plane…..

We are probably on our way right now, so think good thoughts for me!

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