That’s All I Have To Say About That

I sit here struggling to write this post, as I want to accurately convey my feelings in a respectful manner.

As you know, I’ve been excited for the past few weeks about attending Creative Estates this past weekend. There have been a lot of long days and nights of Hubs working, tons of orders from my shop, and just life in general. I was already pretty fried and looking forward to a break when the news of getting our new house and having to get everything done in under 30 days came down the pipeline. I truly debated as to whether or not I could leave for 4 days with so much going on. But the trip was paid for, Hubs had scheduled the days off, and he insisted that I go and have a great time.

Ashley, Ashley, Me, Nicole…I will love these girls

Ashley of 5ohWifey….seriously a rockstar!

Me, Nichelle, Lisa, Elise, Ashley, Elisabeth….most down to Earth adorable lovers. Couldn’t have asked for better roomies!

Me and Ilene being turds with our pillow haul

I’ll start with the positive, cause that is the way I would like to remember this weekend. I went to CE with my best friend, and came home with many more amazing girl friends who I’m simply counting down the days until we get to hang out again. There is nothing quite like being together with a big group of girls who “get you”. No having to explain what a blog is, why you are taking pictures of yourself with a tripod, or why you tote a giant camera around with you everywhere you go. These talented crafters, writers, and photographers are “my people”, and there is simply no pricetag that could be put on the friendships I came home with.

Sadly though, that is not where this story ends. For the last few days, I actually considered glossing over this issue and not saying anything. There are others who have, and I wasn’t sure my story was necessary. But the longer I thought about it, the more I realized that I would not be doing anyone a service by staying quiet and letting you all think that CE was nothing but an amazing weekend.

I would like to believe that the event was planned with the best of intentions. I would like to believe that there was no malicious intent, simply mistakes and oversight. I would like to give the benefit of the doubt.

When it comes down to it, there were serious flaws that lead me to not be able to stand behind this event. No drinks all weekend except alcohol and tap water. No fruit, vegetables, or protein. Not enough beds, air mattresses, pillows, or blankets. No toilet paper or hand soap.

These wouldn’t be fatal flaws if the event hadn’t been advertised as including lodging, food, drinks, and craft supplies.

My girl Ashley of 5 Oh Wifey wrote an excellent post about the event that goes into far more detail if you care to read, so I won’t re-hash what she has so perfectly stated.

I feel it is important for me to share with you how the event went, not to bash anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings, but because I’m saddened for the girls who spent far more than I did to be there. I’m hurt that my money was taken for an event that did not happen at all the way it was advertised. Most importantly, I’m scared that if I don’t say something, some of you will go to this event in the future and feel the same way.

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La, la, la la, la la

Stuck in your head now too? hehe

The Smurfs….my childhood favorite. Ranking right up there with Rainbow Bright and Strawberry Shortcake, The Smurfs were a can’t miss show for me as a kid. Of course Smurfette was always my favorite, but Papa Smurf was a close second ;)

A few days ago, I got to share my favorite with my little favorite when LJ and I were invited down to the Sony Pictures lot to celebrate the release of The Smurfs on DVD and BluRay TODAY!


LJ wasn’t doing so well sitting for long periods when The Smurfs were in theaters, so this was really his first exposure to the loveable little blue guys. I think he likes them…

These guys certainly earned their Smurfberries with how many hugs they had to give that day!

When LJ wasn’t busy being borderline creepo obsessed with The Smurfs, he had a total blast playing with the new Smurf-O-Vision!

Smurf-O-Vision is an amazing free app for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch that syncs with the movie for a second screen experience. I’ve never seen or heard of anything like it, and it was awesome! Smurfs appear to sing and dance along with the movie, but LJ’s favorite was all the fun activities like zapping Gargamel, popping popcorn, and stacking Smurfs into a huge dog pile. He had such a blast!

My favorite part of the day was getting to watch the all new The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol. Take the classic Christmas Carol story, smurf-ify it, and you end up with an adorable tale that everyone will love. You even get to relive the glory days with some classic Smurf animation :)

And then, there’s all The Smurf products….my 6 year old self is super jealous!

All kinds of amazing stocking stuffers! LJ’s favorites are the coloring book and the water bottle (cause it’s just like Daddy’s, only Smurf-ier), but we both agree on one thing…

SMURF SMELL ROCKS!!! Ok, it’s not really called Smurf Smell, but how else do  you explain it to a 2 year old?

There’s six Smurfs Fragrances that come in these adorable milk cartons for each of your favorite Smurfs: Papa, Smurfette, Grouch, Guts, Clumsy, and Brainy (he’s a Smurf hunk in my eyes ;) ).  Brillantly, these eau de toilets are not super strong, so when your kid goes a little Smurf-crazy, you don’t want to pass out. 

Judging by the kiddo watching The Smurfs, eating Smurf animal cookies, snuggling his Smurf, with water in his Smurf water bottle, I think it’s safe to say The Smurfs are no longer just my favorite, they’ve become our favorite!

You can make The Smurfs your family’s favorite with the release of The Smurfs on DVD and BluRay TODAY!

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One Bad A$$ Day {With Mark Montano}

Take 37 awesome bloggers…

Andrea from The Train To Crazy, Aimee from, and Susan from Living With Punks {stolen from Delicate Construction…THANKS MICHELLE!}

TONS of amazing antique stores…

some seriously yummy treats…

and one kick a$$ designer/TV host/crafter/connoisseur of all things awesome?

Me with the man, the myth, the legend…Mr. Mark Montano himself

The SoCal Social!

Saturday, Trisha and I escaped the children, husbands, and messes of home and spent the day wandering around The Orange Circle for the SoCal Social. While I was thrilled to get away for the day and be “amongst my people”, I was super stoked to spend the day crafty chatting with Mark Montano.

My Celebrity Home, While You Were Out, 10 Years Younger, The Big A$$ Book of Crafts…yeah, he’s done it all!

Living in LA, everyone either is, or knows, someone in the industry. And while it’s totally normal to run into someone “famous” down here, it’s rare you get the chance to pick the brain of someone with so much experience, especially in the crafty world. Let’s be real, super crafters aren’t exactly a dime a dozen.

Mark had so many great insights into working behind the camera, book writing, getting a publishing deal, inspiration, and so much more. I probably bored the poor guy to death…

Mark’s latest volume of crafting genius, The Big A$$ Book of Crafts 2 comes out TODAY, and we were all lucky enough to score an advance copy! Let me tell you, this thing is amazing! I was up waaaayyyy too late Saturday night pouring over all the amazing ideas, fabulous photos, and projects that just left my dying to get my hands dirty. My “projects to do” list just got 10x longer.

While Mark was awesome enough to share his new masterpiece (yes, it’s a masterpiece!) with all of us, he didn’t forget about you! Mark is giving one lucky reader their very own Big A$$ Book of Crafts 2!


MANDATORY: Be a public follower of Momma Go Round, and become a public follower on  Mark’s Big A$$ Blog (one comment)
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Giveaway ends 10/16

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Preschoolers and Pumpkins

As the momma of a 2 year old, I’m learning that things rarely go as planned. You would think I would have picked up on this by now, but somehow it still surprises me everytime.

The other day our Mommy and Me preschool class took a fieldtrip to the farm. All I can say is thank goodness Lindsay and Ashley are in that class too. This was an all hands on deck kinda adventure.

There were failed attempts at getting the kids to take a picture together.

 And wrangling munchkins on the tractor ride.

And curiosity meets “how far will mommy let me jam my head in here before it gets stuck” moments.

While we were all ready for a nap by the end of it (mommas included), it was so fun to see the kids explore and watch as they learn.

I always heard other moms talk about how fast it goes, but I never understood. As they would say this to me while sleep deprived, barfed on, changing the outfit for the x time today. Now I get it.

How could these 3 little amigos be old enough for preschool fieldtrips? Picking pumpkins on their own? Climbing to the top of the hay pyramid?

It goes faster than I ever could have imagined, but I’m glad I’m along for the ride.


***Remember! Today is the LAST DAY to enter the Cents of Style giveaway!***

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George and the Daddy Boat

2 toddlers. 1 baby. 2 mommas.

We looked like a mini traveling circus trampling through Universal Studios the other day, but it was a blast! LJ and I were lucky enough to tag along with my dear friend from my teaching days (we were pregnant together!) and her kiddos to Universal to catch their hubby/dad in Waterworld before the new school year.

LJ, Little C, Baby M, The Deacon (C & M's Dad)

It was a blast to have LJ and Little C on my lap for the show. Pointing and yelling “Daddy! Daddy Boat!”.

Both of them. I think LJ was a little confused.

While “Daddy Boat” was a hit, the real star of the day was George. LJ busted out in a full sprint to hug the cheeky little monkey over, and over, and over again. Little C’s turn to see George….nope! Here comes LJ to bust into the fun.

This might have rivaled when he got to meet Woody.

Shirt: Gap, Shorts: Old Navy, Undershirt: Shade Clothing, Necklace: H&M, Shoes: Off Broadway

I was just so happy it was a quasi-cooler day around here. Super happy I wore shorts. Savor them…it maybe the last time we see them this year. I can hope!

P.S. Anyone getting sick of this necklace yet? I think I’ve gotten my $5.80 out if it, don’t you?

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The Perfect Pick Me Up {The Pioneer Woman Launch Party}

My life is fairly consistent and predictable. Park dates, Costco, lunch with my little momma, nap time, laundry…yada yada.

The last few days have seen more action than I care for.

Friday morning, 5 AM: My lovely upstairs neighbors start blasting their music so loud it wakes me up. Joy. Call the office to complain, again.

Saturday morning, 4AM: Lovely neighbors start stomping and thudding around, again waking me up. After 10-15 minutes of this sleep disturbing I hear a loud POP, followed by a woman screaming. Wake Hubs up, call 911, up until 5:40. LJ wakes up at 6:15, then up for the day at 7:00.

Two nights of completely disturbed sleep, finding out that the pop I heard was a gun shot (I live in one of the safest cities in America, this isn’t supposed to happen here), and now freaking out that I live below such craziest does not put me in the best of moods.

Enter the best remedy for an over tired, panic stricken, thoroughly annoyed momma: food, friends, and The Pioneer Woman.

Me, Lindsay from Lee La La, Ashley from Little Miss Momma, Trisha from 3 Four and Under, Brittany from Love Stitched, Michelle from Little Miss Momma’s Momma, Baby W

I don’t think the doctor could have ordered anything better to take my mind off all the drama. We had way too much yummy food, all from Pioneer Woman recipes.

I made PW’s Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies. Cause nothing fixes a momma’s problems like chocolate. Thanks Ree!

I even made up some “official” launch party recipe sheets for us to use during the show…

but we were too busy eating, oogling, enjoying the Marlboro Man, enviously commenting on how they have to drive from one house to another on their ranch, enjoying how real Ree is, and enjoying one another to bother to write anything down.

As the hours have passed and I’ve more fully digested the possible danger that my family was in Friday/Saturday night, I’ve realized how truly lucky I am.

Lucky that the bullet fired upstairs did not come through my ceiling.

Lucky that we have an amazing emergency response system that had police here within minutes.

Lucky that I have a husband who was so concerned about the woman upstairs that he wanted to go charging up there, but stayed to protect his family.

Lucky to have a wonderful detective working the case who truly makes me feel safe.

Lucky that this is the first brush with true violence I have seen in my life. What a blessing!

Lucky that I have wonderful friends to share this life with. To pick me up, help me forget, and give me a day that Pioneer Woman perfect.

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Neya and the Yucky Foot

Life around these parts has gotten very interesting lately. In the last week or so, LJ has finally found his voice. For months and months we wondered when this kid was going to truly start to talk. Well my friends, the day has arrived and brought along a boat load of hilarity with it.

For about 3 days, LJ walked around the house saying “neya, neya” over and over again. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what he was saying. Then came the moment of all moments, when apparently I wasn’t paying quite enough attention to him. The little booger got right in my face and in the most commanding voice he could muster up said “NINA!”.

Yeah, he thinks he’s hilarious. So does everyone else, so he gets giggles and smiles every time he says it. Oh joy….

Yesterday, we ventured down to the beach for some fun in the sun and sand. Well….sorta.

The little darling of mine said two things over and over on repeat the whole time we were there. “Look! Nemo!”

And the one that had us all rolling….


I swear, the OCD was in full force! If even a speck of sand was on his feet, there was quite the meltdown. Venture down to the water to dip our toes…nuclear meltdown. He would even walk from towel, to boogie board, and jump to the next towel, just so he didn’t get his feet dirty. He even conned his Auntie Ashley, Uncle Benny, and Uncle Benny’s Cousin into carrying his little booty everywhere.

Oh two, how I love you so…

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Perfect Summer Day

While Daddy’s away, LJ and momma will play!

Hubs has been super busy with work lately, so there’s been tons of time for Momma/LJ dates. I love getting to spend this quality time with my baby big boy. Sometimes it hurts my brain how quickly he’s gotten so big!

The other night it was a comfortable 85 degrees in our apartment, so outside we went!

Shirt: Banana Republic Outlet, Vest/Shorts: Old Navy, Sandals: Target, Necklace:???, Bracelet: Downtown

We started with a little stroll around the complex, cause you know, it was cooler outside than in. I even did the unthinkable and busted out the shorts. GASP!

  I was beyond stoked to find this random, rather deserted walkway that there’s really no reason to walk down except to look like a creepo and take pictures. Bingo!

After torturing teaching the child to enjoy nature during the summer, it was definitely time to cool off. To Shave It we went! Have I mentioned my undying lovefor Groupon?

Eating a Shave It the size of your head is very serious business in the life of a 2 year old. 

He loved every sugary bite of it….maybe a little too much. He kept stopping, crying, holding his head saying “cook, cook!” (cook like crazy person, not like making food).

Ah, baby brain freeze…sad yet adorable all at the same time.

It was definitely the perfect summer night….mess and all!

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Just Like Kids Again

A couch…..really. That’s what we got for our 6th anniversary. No diamonds. No fancy dinners. A couch….and it’s awesome! (I’ll share pictures soon, the living room isn’t done yet).

Since our anniversary gift was, well, so adult of us, we thought it would be super fun to be kids again! While LJ was off for a big adventure with his Minnie and Popi for the night….


driving to Malibu for dinner in Popi’s convertable…..that’s the life!


…we were off for a very high school-ish date!

It all started with our very first trip to The Counter.

We got the yummiest onion strings ever! I like to think of myself as somewhat of a bbq sauce expert, and this stuff was bomb!

Hubs got an, interesting, burger. Onion bun, jalepeno cheese, fried egg, grilled onions, and coleslaw. Yeah, they do interesting things to their burgers in Brazil and he picked this idea up there. Yeah…

After grubbin a little too much, we were off to mini golf! I swear, we hadn’t been to this place in at least 10 years. It was awesome!

I hit more than a few holes in one! OH YEAH! 

There was the always required smushy face self portrait. He nailed this one on the first try! We know, we are that awesome ;)

We both showed the castle who was boss.

And of course, a little Glamour Shot by Deb on the bridge. I couldn’t resist!

I realized that it’s so easy to get stuck in the everyday cycle of life, laundry, and diapers. It felt so good to take some time off, be goofy dorks playing mini golf behind the group of teenagers, and look ridiculous taking pictures along the way. If you haven’t taken time lately to reconnect with your inner goofball, we highly recommend it!

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Maybe A Little TOO Proud

Dear Sewing Machine,

I know you have been so sad, lonely, and dusty sitting in the corner by yourself. I know I’ve promised you time and time again that I would let you play. I could feel your pain as you longingly gazed upon the beautiful projects that Cori and Kayla have made lately. I have heard your heartbreak. So this past weekend, when we decided on a whim to not just get a new couch, but re-do the living room and bedroom, I vowed that you would sit dusty no more!

Off to JoAnn’s I went, in search of the perfect fabrics to welcome you back with….well, it’s JoAnn, the odds of that happening were slim, but there was hope! Lo and behold, I found them! Two perfect fabrics screaming for you to work your magic with. While many projects await us my friend, I thought it was best to start off small. While you are a pro, I however, am not :(

Coasters. Yes, I said it, coasters.  Before we dive into harder projects, and you proceed to hate me forever for my lack of skills, I thought coasters was a perfect place to start. The living room needs some color, some vibrance, and of course, some cute little birdies (sssshhhh, yes Hubs, as you so conveniently pointed out, I hate birds. But these sweet little Disneyized birds needed a home!).

While my work was not perfect, you put up with me quite well. You are even a CHAMP and put up with me buying the wrong bobbins, but using them anyways. Way to take one for the team!

Thank you sewing machine. I LOVE my new coasters and all the joy they will bring me each day at nap time. I promise to not leave you in the corner for too long anymore!



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