C is for…

You may have noticed little C’s popping up lately in posts…

and on Instagram.

So, what does it all mean?

It means this little man

finally has a name!


In only 4 weeks the little guy formerly known as Peanut will officially be Collin Tyler Banks.

We’re kinda in love with him already :)


To celebrate, my awesomely talented friend Kashoan of KraftyKash sent me this little beauty!

I literally started happy crying right there at my mailbox when I opened it up. Seeing both my boys’ names right there, with my little surprise “Banks” charm, sent this hormonal momma over the edge.

Needless to say, I haven’t taken it off since ;)

Want to celebrate too?

Kashoan is giving away a KraftyKash Personalized Vintage Dictionary Word Necklace Pendant with 3 letters of your choice (a $28 value)! Perfect for the holidays, or a gift for yourself :)

How to Enter

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Giveaway ends 11/18. All entries will be verified.

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The (Not So) Everyday

With T-minus 5 weeks to go until this kiddo is here, life around these parts has become consumed by baby stuff. It’s funny how one teeny little almost-baked person can completely take over.

There’s the projects that are just about done…

like art for his room…

and LJ’s old clothes that are washed, but not put away.

There’s the projects that are yet to be finished…

like his room. Cause he can totally come tomorrow and have a place to sleep ;)

Everyday life is still happening, I just can’t seem to keep up!

Who needs clean clothes to be folded and put away??? That’s overrated, right? And of course the vacuum always lives out, plugged in.

The one thing that’s getting me the most right now is how “not me” I’m feeling. I’m huge, nothing really fits, and it’s still a solid 85 degrees here. With 5 weeks to go, do I even bother getting my jeans shortened?

Friends, meet the uniform. Uniform, meet the friends.

1 pair of barely fitting maternity pants/shorts + 1 t-shirt that I can barely stand anymore + 1 pair of sandals my fat feet squeeze into = The End of The Line Uniform

No joke, most days look like this. I’m not proud of it, or the fact that yesterday I didn’t get out of my nightgown and robe until 2, but that’s life. Unless the weather decides to drastically change or this kid comes early, I’m stuck.

Is it December yet?


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Not To Be Taken For Granted

As we pulled into the parking lot chomping on one more bite of my roll-up from El Pollo Loco, I grabbed my heels from the back seat and attempted to cram my swollen feet into them.

Oh, this was going to be comfortable. 

Dumping most of my weight onto my poor hubby, we walked ever so carefully up to where everyone was waiting….and I was home.

At a beautiful wedding site I’d never been to, in shoes I couldn’t walk in, with makeup put on hours before that was barely clinging to where I’d put it, I knew how lucky I was.

Lucky to be surrounded by these people.
Lucky to get more hugs and kisses than I could possibly deserve.
Lucky to get the same joking insults slung at me that we’ve been slinging for 20 years.
Lucky to know that my flip flops in my purse were going on moments after the “I do’s”, and no one here would think twice about it.

For 25 years I’ve been lucky enough to call this bunch of goobers more than my friends, but my family. We had the unique experience of getting to grow up together on the same street, go to the same schools, carpool, cheer each other on, fight, and all the dysfunctional awesomeness that we could come up with.

Sometimes it’s months between when we are all together, sometimes years, but it never matters. We pick right back up like we’re still kids running around playing tag in the cul-de-sac.

Goober with the garter on his head at my wedding…. one of the first people I remember seeing after waking up from a very drug induced nap after LJ was born.

Maid of honor, oldest friend, can’t imagine my life without her.

Uncle RoRo, thanks for getting married, you gave us a reason to be inappropriate and awesome, as usual.

Maybe it’s being a mom. Maybe it’s just time. Maybe it’s all these killer hormones, but it’s been almost 23 years since this picture was taken, and I love these guys more now than ever. Though some of us are rarely home, home is wherever we are.

For that, I’m blessed.


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As with the rest of my life, this pregnancy has basically put it on hold. I’m very lucky that I haven’t felt too terrible, just insanely tired.

Tired, and mostly couch bound.

Mornings are spent running around getting errands done, picking LJ up from school, cleaning the house (sorta), and anything else I can muster up the energy to do. By about 2pm, my day is over. The couch and I have a date, often nap is invited, and I peel myself up only in time to make dinner. Costco lasagna or frozen spinach raviolis anyone?

With all this sleeping and butt sitting going on, it’s easy to see why it took me months to get a “bath picture” for my MIL for her master bathroom wall. What’s cuter and easier to do than get a little pic of LJ in some bath type setting? A nap, that’s what.

Wrapped up in his little white towel, I can’t help but be reminded of what an angel my boy has been these past few months.

Cancelled trips to the park
Days on end without leaving the house
Too much TV
Getting his own snacks and juice boxes
Bringing me my phone/water/snack
Endless kisses to make my back or head feel better
Baths cut short cause I can’t bend over anymore
A halfway put together big boy room
Mac and cheese for lunch…again
Hours of stories cause bending over to play trains just isn’t in the cards

There have definitely been the less-than-angelic moments of peeing on freshly cleaned floors, fits over eating his meal, or not using his listening ears. But he’s three, what can I expect?

I certainly didn’t expect someone so wise, caring, and understanding far beyond his years. His concern for me and his brother are more than I ever imagined.

It’s ok Mommy, we get you your medicine.
I give it kiss, make it all better.
So Mommy, how was your day?
I want to hug brother.
I love you brother.

I’m glad I waited so long to take these pictures. They mean so much more than a cute little bug wrapped up in a towel now.


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To The Little Brother

Little Brother,

I wanted to take a minute to let you know things that LJ won’t remember, and you will never know. I hope one day you read this and know how much your big brother loves you.

At 3.5 years old, you would think he’s waited a million years for you to come. His excitement is more than Daddy and I ever imagined. He asks day and night, in the middle of Target, at home on the couch, during morning snuggles, to give you hugs and kisses. One day I hope you understand how precious it is to see him pull up my shirt so he can get to you to give you love.

LJ has big plans for you two. Endless hours of Thomas the Train, sleepovers in his room, and reading “Stein” Bears are top of his list. Showing you off to his friends at school and taking you to Auntie’s house to play with him, Wesley, and Sawyer are so exciting he claps when he talks about them. He’s so proud of you and proud to be your big brother already.

There will come those days where you two are pounding on each other, fighting over a toy, doing all the crazy things that brothers do that give their moms heart attacks. Even when he is the last person you want to see, remember, he loved you before you were even here, and I’m sure he loves you even more now.

As LJ says, keep growing “big and strong” in there Little Brother. There’s only a few more weeks to go until you are stuck with LJ kissing you and hugging you as much as I do.



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A Little ME Time {Stencil Discount!}

I don’t think I ever really learned how to take time for myself. Growing up I was always involved in a ton of activities. Dance, soccer, cheer, yearbook, ASB. I loved doing them all, but they were scheduled activities. I don’t really remember ever doing much of anything when I had down time at home except watch TV.

Growing up with my hubby allowed me to have special insight into his love of video games. Love, obsession, addiction, what’s the diff?

While he’s definitely learned what an appropriate level of video game love is, and I’ve learned to accept that he will always be an overgrown kid, I’ve also learned the value in having something that is just “you time”.

But there’s always dishes to be done, laundry that (still) needs to be folded, outgrown clothes that need to be packed away. While logically I know that I can’t do it all, and a happy me makes a happy mommy, it doesn’t mean I can put the soap down and do something else easily. There’s been so much that I’ve had to do, that it’s been forever and a half since I’ve gotten to do something that I’ve wanted to do. But isn’t that how it always goes?

Now that LJ has started school, I’m determined to reclaim some ME time. Get to all the projects I’ve been dying to do around the house, unpack those last few boxes, and create again.

A few weeks ago I did do my giant canvas pictures to fill up the enormous 2 story blank wall that is our living room.

An old picture that no longer works in our house became an awesome board to display all of LJ’s artwork (if he ever does any!) from school.

I’ve sanded and stained the board to create one of those giant rulers that I’ve seen a million + 1 times on Pinterest.

Source: pincookie.com via Nina on Pinterest


While I’m sure I’ll never get to it all before this kid comes or I change my mind, there’s a few projects that I’m excited enough about to force myself to get them done. Paint the kiddo’s dresser, recover our ottoman, make a cushion for our new window bench seat/bookshelf.

Next up on the list: killer picture frames for my still packed in boxes photo wall.

Source: etsy.com via Alison on Pinterest


Now I just have to decide which stencils to do! I’ve narrowed it down to these three but only want to do two. Which ones do you vote for?

Moroccan Tile Stencil from Your Memories Captured


Lattice Linked Diamonds Stencil from Your Memories Captured


Houndstooth Stencil from Your Memories Captured

Wanna get crafty too? Just for MGR readers I’m offering my biggest discount ever! 25% off all stencils in shop! Any pattern, any design, any size! Patterns, French shabby chic, holiday and more are all on sale from YMC Stencils!

Use code MOMMA25 for discount.



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He Is Who He Is

One of my favorite things about these past few months has been seeing LJ’s little personality come out. He’s very much entered the stage where he knows what he wants, what he wants to do, and what he wants things called.

They are Crocs, not shoes, Mom.

Excuse me, Sir LJ, I did not know I was committing such an egregious offense by calling them shoes.

Goldfish are fish, Cheez Its are square crackers, Ritz are circle crackers, and lemonade is “meyade”…in case you didn’t know.

With this little personality, it’s so fun to see more of myself come out in him. He’s always looked so much like his Daddy, that it has made me a little sad to not see much of me in him. Now, just have him open his mouth and out I come flying!

This morning I got a new activity all set up for him. Finger painting. 

To say that LJ doesn’t like to be dirty would be an understatement. He’s more anal about being clean than I am. He asks to take baths all the time. Any speck of sauce/dirt/whatever on his hands or face leads to immediate panic and frantic searching for a towel.

Mud wrestler he will not be.

Hoping against all hope, I was praying that finger painting might actually be something he could get into. He loves to paint with a brush and was really excited about making a picture for Grammy (my grandmother) for her birthday tonight. Please, oh please, do not be OCD boy and stick your little hands in that paint!

Yes, I was actually hoping my child would get dirty. Strange, but true.

What 3 year old finger paints with ONE finger dipped in ONE color at a time, then wipes it off between colors???? Mine.

After about 10 minutes and more paint on the paper towel than on the paper, he was over it. The child asked to go wash his hands.

Despite all my telling him it was ok to get messy, it’s no big deal there’s paint on your finger, that’s how you are supposed to do it, he just didn’t care.

And I LOVE that about him! He’s never one to join in the mess making even if everyone else is doing it, and he will certainly not follow his friends into the mud pit. He knows what he likes, he knows what he doesn’t, and no one is going to make him do otherwise. Not even his momma.

I can only hope to teach him how to use this resolve in the future. That he doesn’t have to do stupid teenage junk just cause his friends are. That it’s OK to make your own choices and not follow just cause everyone else is. That your 3 year old self had it right all along.

That it’s ok to paint with a brush instead of your fingers.

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I Promise, I’m Still Alive

Well that was unexpected….

3 months. It’s been 3 months since I’ve sat down to write a post.

It wasn’t a planned break. It just sorta, happened. I left for a week in Cabo with my family with no posts scheduled, no friends filling in, and frankly didn’t care.

I was JUST starting to feel human again, had a garage full of boxes that still weren’t unpacked (guess that’s what happens when you find out you are pregnant 6 days after moving), and had a busy summer ahead filled with cousins in town, trips to the beach, potty training, and growing a human…cause that’s no big deal ;) Frankly, blogging was the last thing on my mind.

To be honest, I didn’t really miss it. In fact, it’s been rather liberating.

I’m short, therefore go from “is she just getting fat” to “daaaaang, girl is pregnant” in a heartbeat. I’ve let myself wear the same 2 dresses a million and 1 times, rocked 3 day old ponytails more than I should admit, and haven’t missed busting out the camera or tripod one stinking bit.

I’ve played a billion and one games of Candy Land. Watched Shrek/Puss in Boots/Smurfs so many times I could probably recite them. Gotten overly excited for days where I wasn’t cleaning pee off the floor. I’ve celebrated giant adult size poops that clog my toilets simply because they have made it in the toilet. I’ve played trains, cars, read endless “Stein” Bear books, swam, rock hunted, started preschool, gone to T-ball, and any other little thing my baby has wanted to do.

And I loved every minute of it.

There are only 3 more months until this baby of mine forever becomes a big brother, my time is forever split, and impromptu movie dates just the two of us become a thing of the past. I’ve soaked up this summer, trying to burn it into my memory forever. To let my little guy know he will always be “my favorite Boo in the whole world”, and that no matter what, mommy is always there.

What does this mean for this little ol’ blog of mine? I don’t know yet. I guess that’s why I’ve been so reluctant to post. Why post until I know what my plan is?

The thing is, it’s been 3 months and I still have no idea what my plan is. I do know that outfit posts will only be when I feel like it. I’m no longer going to put pressure on myself to post 5 days a week, or even at all that week if that’s what life is dictating. I’m simply going to go with the flow and see where it takes me.

If you feel like sticking around, cool! If not, cool too.

As for me, I’m reclaiming my life. I’m no longer going to live my life so I can blog about it, take pictures of it, do an outfit post about it.

Cause if there’s one thing this summer has taught me, it’s that I love being a mom to my BOYS, yes, plural ;) , and that comes before anything.


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Pinterest For The Win

How many of you are as guilty as I am?

We pin, and pin, and pin, with the greatest of intentions, yet never seem to get around to it.

The amazing mantle display.

The delicious looking recipe.

The killer outfit that you totally have the stuff to recreate.

For once, I decided to actually stop thinking about a great idea and DO IT!

By the afternoon/evening lately I’m so tired that it takes all my energy to simply stay awake. Not so great for keeping the kid entertained.

Source: sweethappylife.com via Nina on Pinterest

Dollar Tree pipe cleaners, strainer, and 45 minutes later….we had a masterpiece.

Thank you Pinterest for saving me from another evening of Pixar/Dreamworks/PBS hell!

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A Little Life

Slowly but surely, I’m returning to the land of the living. Laundry that hasn’t been done since before we moved (shhh!) is finally being tackled. I’m getting dressed in more than just my pjs or sweats. And the child is finally getting potty trained….hooray!!!

It may not be the most exciting life ever, but for me it’s a huge relief to feel like I’m getting some of my life back.

Here’s a little glimpse at what we’ve been up to!

LJ trying out one of Daddy’s Warheads. Makes my mouth water and pucker just thinking about it!

Catching up on stencil orders. Did you know I have a stencil shop? Yeah, most people don’t…

Cereal for dinner, cause that’s all that sounded good. (PS anyone know how to remove that stupid grout putty that the old owners put on, off?)

The fam at Uncle Blair’s graduation from UCSB. Go Gauchos!

So proud of this guy :)

LJ L.O.V.E.S. his Papa. These two are peas in a pod when they are together.

Doesn’t everyone have a bag of DumDums in the bathroom? I’m not above bribery to get this potty thing down!

It’s simple, some exciting, some mundane, but it’s life. And right now, any life that doesn’t exist on my couch or in my bed is an accomplishment! What have you been up to?

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