Not Your {Grand} Momma’s Makeup – Mary Kay Giveaway

Whenever I’ve heard of Mary Kay, it’s always hit me as “the old ladies” makeup company. Maybe it’s the iconic pink Cadillac that just screams of the 1960s, but Mary Kay has always just felt like the beauty choice for ladies who play bridge and bingo. So when this box of goodies arrived, I wasn’t sure what to think. Could Mary Kay really be a brand for me? Or is it a brand for me in 40 years?


First up was the TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set. This was probably the product I was most excited to try. Ever since having LJ, my skin has been all over the place. Sometimes it’s so oily you could fry bacon on it, other times it’s so dry that my skin literally flakes off. I was hoping by exfoliating it, I could help reveal a more even layer of skin. Step 1 is a refining exfoilator that feels like the perfect little sandpaper for your face. Tough enough to scrub away the junk, but gentle enough to not rip your face apart. I loved how I could feel it working! Step 2 is a replenishing serum with vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-irritants. While it made my skin feel soft, it left it still dying for moisture. Even after a second coat of the serum, I still needed to use my daily moisturizer to stop that dry-tight feeling. BUT… 3 days later my skin feels much softer, much smoother, and far more even. I can’t wait to use the TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set again!

I’m kind of an eye shadow junkie, so I was super excited to try Mary Kay’s Mineral Eye Colors in Iris, Silver Satin, and Sweet Cream. While I loved the texture of the Mineral Eye Colors, I found that they didn’t last throughout the day. These colors are lighter than what I usually wear, so maybe that was it, but I found myself needing to re-apply by 3:00pm. On the other hand, the Mineral Cheek Color in Cherry Blossom I found to be great! I’ve always wondered how to get that fresh, dewy, rosy cheek look. This color is it! It blended great with my foundation and gave great color throughout the day. Definitely a new fav for me :)


By far the scariest item was the lipstick… fuchsia. Yup, fuchsia. I’m more of a gloss girl, so lipstick period is scary. Then call it fuchsia, and I’m afraid. I couldn’t have been more excited or impressed by this scary tube of fuchsia lipstick! It’s so smooth and hydrating, gives the perfect amount of color! I had no idea that I could like a lipstick, let alone one named fuchsia.


 Out of everything, my favorite has to be the Lash Love Mascara. As a former dancer, I feel like I’ve tried it all to make my eyes POP on stage. Never, ever, have I found a mascara that I can actually feel separate and coat each lash. It is the craziest thing ever, but the results are amazing! Definitely my new go-to mascara. Think I can return the super pack of that other junk to that big-box store still? Mary Kay is definitely NOT your grandmomma’s makeup anymore!

Mary Kay and BlogHer want YOU to see how awesome you are with a gift basket filled with $100 worth of Mary Kay goodies! To enter, simply leave me a comment telling me what Mary Kay product you are dying to try.

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