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Why might you ask? Cause it’s time for some LOVE!

Cause you can download MY EXCLUSIVE for LMM “KEEP CALM AND LOVE ON” Valentine’s Day printables! I don’t know which I like better….can I put up both?

But that’s not all….

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Super Fun Digital Polariod Program

There’s something to be said for the fun of a Polariod. The silly shape, waiting for it to develop, the funky coloring. It’s just classic.

Well, now that real Polariods have gone the way of the Zack Morris phone…

it was only natural that someone would come up with an awesome program to turn your digital photos into “real” Polariods!

Enter the Poladroid program! A super easy, super fun way to make your own “Polariods”. It even has the “wait or shake” time period while your picture is “developing”. Makes it more authentic ;)

It was so easy to “roid” out my favorite picture of LJ and I!

Just crop your picture into a square.

Then drag and drop into the Poladriod program.

That’s it! It’s so easy, and it even let’s you save your picture or upload it to Flickr. Love it!

But the best part….the program is FREE!!! Just head over to the Poladriod site and download your copy. I’d LOVE to see your “roided” pictures!

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Printable Santa Note

Ever have one of those nights were you lay in bed for what feels like hours, dreaming of great ideas and projects?

Last night, that was me.

And for once, I actually did one of the projects I dreamed of!

Since this is the first year LJ is old enough to even begin to understand Christmas, we’re trying to teach him everything! Grandma got him an adorable Little People Nativity Set, decorations are going up, books are being read, and Santa is becoming a favorite new friend.

So, I thought a cute little handwritten note that Santa can leave for LJ would be adorable! And since Santa has enough to worry about, I figured I’d make up some sweet stationary for him.

I’m sure this year it won’t mean much that Santa left him a note, but I hope it becomes one of the things he looks forward to each year.

Want your own letter from Santa??? Download my stationary HERE and leave it out on Christmas Eve for Santa to fill out!


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It’s A Home Run!!! Vintage Baseball Baby Shower

Now starting in the #2 position…….
Baby Boy S!!!
Last weekend, my BFF Ashley from Little Miss Momma and I threw an awesome baby shower for our girl Kris and her little slugger on the way!
I was so excited to design a whole party for our friend. I designed the invitation to be our lead off hitter. I used yellowed whites and deeper blues and reds to bring out the vintage feel.
It was so fun to print and punch out these sluggin cupcake toppers! I used “Batter Up” since the baby is still in the line up, but the message can be changed to whatever works for your party :)
It was a sold out game for this grand slam shower. The concession stand was over flowing with all the goodies a baseball fan could want!
Cotton candy cones were up for grabs!
Oreo baseballs flew high in a sea of classic Boston Baked Beans.
And it just would be baseball with out everyone’s favorite Cracker Jack!
Gotta keep the players hydrated! My personalized water bottle wrappers are a great way to dress up your party! It’s amazing what a difference these made in adding to the theme.
And possibly my favorite part….mini Coca Cola Classic cups! We were so excited to find these at Dollar Tree for 2 for $1!!!! What a steal!
Because we found these grand slammin’ cups, we were unable to use the awesome straw toppers that we designed.
So we’d like to share them with you!
Click HERE to download your own vintage baseball straw toppers!
All the printable Vintage Baseball items seen here (and more!) are now available in my etsy shop! Perfect for birthdays, graduations, baby showers, announcements and more!
Dying to see more???
Stop by Little Miss Momma tomorrow to check out more Vintage Baseball fabulousness!


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It’s Not A Trick….A Treat For You!

To continue with my prep for the holidays, I figured I should tackle the one coming up first!


Since this year will be the first year that LJ might possibly (maybe) understand what is going on, I really want to make it special. It will probably only be the three of us, maybe a few grandparents in tow…but that shouldn’t make it anymore fun!

I made up some cupcake toppers and cupcake wrappers and thought I would share them with you! Don’t we all deserve a treat :)

 Click HERE to download the cupcake toppers.

Click HERE to download the Cupcake Wrappers
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Mod Monkey Birthday Memory Bag

I’m so excited to finally say that everything I wanted to do for LJ’s first birthday (6 months ago) is finished!

all out mod monkey madness…..CHECK
memory bag……CHECK

As many of you will be pleased to know, I finally busted open the sewing machine for this one! I know, I know….it’s been sitting around waiting to be opened for weeks, but I did it ok!

It’s just a simple envelope pouch, but it’s perfect to store all of his 1st birthday fun!
Scrapbook, cards, candybar wrappers, t-shirt, and cupcake toppers!
I even attempted a little decorative stitching on the envelope flap. Not the straightest stitching I’ve ever seen…but not bad for my first sewing project completely on my own!
Want to make one of your own?
Well, now you can!
I had so much fun writing the final chapter of this birthday extravaganza, I figured I would share my templates for the money face and circles!
Click HERE to download the templates.
It is sized to be a 7 inch circle, you may need to adjust depending on how big you want your bag. Mine is 13×13 (ish) so it can hold my 8×8 scrapbook and all the party gear!
I hope you have as much fun making this as I did!


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Sweet Treats

I’m so excited that LJ is getting a new little cousin soon! All of his other cousins are quite a bit older, so it will be so cool for him to have a cousin his age.

A few weeks ago, we threw my “you can’t possibly be 6 months pregnant” sister-in-law a baby shower. She is one of my best friends, I love her like she’s always been my sister, and I was just so excited to personalize a shower for her.

I used my cricut to make these adorabe onsie cupcake toppers in a sweet green, pink, and white paisley with a little pink flower (which of course I didn’t get a picture of).

My MIL made an adorable diaper cake!

My SIL put together a guess the baby food game.

But everyone was talking about the little candybar wrappers I did for Hershey’s nuggets. They were so little, chubby, and cute! It was such a sweet addition to the party.

They were such a hit, I thought I would share them with you! I changed the message to say “It’s A Girl” or “It’s A Boy” so they can be used over and over again! They are perfectly sized for all Hershey’s nuggets, so all you have to do it cut them out and wrap the up!

Hope you enjoy these as much as we did!

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Celebrate With A Bang!

Though we are going to have a rather low key 4th, I still want to make it special. So I came up with some adorable cupcake toppers!

As a special treat to my readers, I’m offering them to you for FREE! Use them in cupcakes, as decoration, or whatever other stroke of brilliance you have.

Just click HERE to download yours!

1) Download Cupcake Toppers jpeg and print

2) Cut out toppers. If leaving them as squares, cut out entire square. If punching out (2.5 inch circle or scalloped punch), you only need one flat side.

3) If punching, center the design in the punch and squeeze/push punch.

4) Put glue dots, tape, or regular glue on toothpick, popcicle stick, or lollipop stick.

5) Attach stick to back of topper. A second side can be added.

6) Use your toppers on cupcakes, cakes, in flower pots, as decorations, or use them as decoration on napkin rings, place cards, and more!

I would love to see what you do with them! So come on back and leave a link ;)

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World’s Best Dad

Money is tight this year, but I still want to give my husband a fabulous Father’s Day. So…..what to do?
LJ and I have been busily working on crafts and projects that we can make for our dear Daddy to show him how much we care. Now my husband isn’t exactly the crafty type (atleast my kind of crafty).
He is crafty in his own way.
He built this….
(custom built computer, water cooled…..yes, water in his computer)
And he modifies these…….
So I figured to honor his kind of craftiness I would make him one of these…….
Sound like your kind of Dad? Well you can make one too! Download the templates to make and print your own World’s Best Dad card.
Get the cover of the card:  Google Search “World’s Best Dad”
Get the inside with my wording with names and activities/things left blank so you can fill them in: Fill in Google Card
Get the inside with headings and titles, but descriptions left blank: Blank Descriptions Google Card
There’s even boxes for you to add pictures of your dad! If you are computer savvy, you can use photoshop, inkscape, or even paint to edit in your own text and photos. If not, just print out the card and either write in or print out your text and paste it on along with photos.
I hope you have as much fun making this card as I did. I would love to see how your cards come out, so post it on your blog and leave me a link!
PS: If you actually know my husband, please don’t tell him or send him here. He never looks at this and I’m counting on that to not give away the surprise :)
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