About Me

Hi, I’m Nina.
Style, on a real budget, for real women. I’m trying it all, and sharing it with you.
Welcome to Momma Go Round!
It all started back in 6th grade. Hubs and I have been loving, and annoying, each other ever since.
We got married, finished school, and moved back to LA to be near our families.
The day we signed the lease on our little 1 bedroom apartment, we found we were pregnant. I didn’t even make it through my first year of teaching 5th grade before our little man LJ joined our family.
Now I’m on a  journey to redefine myself, and my style, as a momma.
Join me as I tackle the latest fashions, discover what works, and what doesn’t, craft new styles and accesories, while making it all toddler friendly!
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