To Feel Wantable

I’m definitely not one of those women blessed to feel fabulous during pregnancy. I by no means have it terrible, but I certainly don’t feel great and bubbly.

Now that I’ve reached the home stretch, I feel more like a bump on the couch than my normal self. Huge, swollen, exhausted…anything but cute and “wantable”. My sweet hubby tries to make me feel pretty and loved, but it’s darn near impossible right now.

With my usual standby of a little shopping trip to make me feel pretty again kinda pointless right now, I had just kinda resigned to feeling bleh for the next few weeks. Until…

a little box showed up on my doorstep!

I’ve been dying to try one of these beauty boxes for a long time, but was too afraid to pull the trigger. The subscription was the first thing that killed it for me. Not every month is there the extra money to shell out for fun new makeup. Then, to get the box, have only sample sizes, and need to shell out more money if I actually wanted to get the product? Not so much.

Enter the fabulous Wantable!

Full size products, coordinated to work perfectly together, selected based on your preferences, only $40, all name brands, and no subscription!!! The perfect thing when you need a little pick me up, want to try a new look, or want to give a great gift!

After filling out a short survey, I was matched with box options that best fit my makeup style. The best part…the first option was filled with things I actually wanted!

Hands down my favorite products are the lipstick from Paula Dorf and the lip gloss from Beauty for Real. I layer them to give a great rich color that’s not too harsh. Definitely gives me kissable lips ;)

I’m also kinda obsessed with the mascara from myface.cosmetics. Makes my lashes look as long as my kid’s!

The best part is there isn’t a single product in there I don’t like. Each box is valued at $100 or more, and you can totally see why. Friends and family, you might getting these for Christmas, so try to act surprised!

Better yet, get one for you AND a friend! TODAY ONLY (11/12-11/13 at 5am) buy a Wantable box for yourself and get one to give as a gift for FREE!

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