The (Not So) Everyday

With T-minus 5 weeks to go until this kiddo is here, life around these parts has become consumed by baby stuff. It’s funny how one teeny little almost-baked person can completely take over.

There’s the projects that are just about done…

like art for his room…

and LJ’s old clothes that are washed, but not put away.

There’s the projects that are yet to be finished…

like his room. Cause he can totally come tomorrow and have a place to sleep ;)

Everyday life is still happening, I just can’t seem to keep up!

Who needs clean clothes to be folded and put away??? That’s overrated, right? And of course the vacuum always lives out, plugged in.

The one thing that’s getting me the most right now is how “not me” I’m feeling. I’m huge, nothing really fits, and it’s still a solid 85 degrees here. With 5 weeks to go, do I even bother getting my jeans shortened?

Friends, meet the uniform. Uniform, meet the friends.

1 pair of barely fitting maternity pants/shorts + 1 t-shirt that I can barely stand anymore + 1 pair of sandals my fat feet squeeze into = The End of The Line Uniform

No joke, most days look like this. I’m not proud of it, or the fact that yesterday I didn’t get out of my nightgown and robe until 2, but that’s life. Unless the weather decides to drastically change or this kid comes early, I’m stuck.

Is it December yet?


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