The Difference A Few Weeks Make

Three weeks.

Between all of us getting the stomach flu and crunch time to actually getting this kid a room put together, it’s been a solid 3 weeks since these pictures were taken.

Shirt: Gap Outlet, Tee: Old Navy Maternity, Jeans: Old Navy Maternity (left over from LJ), Necklace: FB deal, Wedges: Old Navy, Ring: beach vendor

It’s shocking to me how much can change in such a short period of time.

I’m much bigger than this now.
The kiddo is now 33 weeks baked.
His room is ever so slightly closer to being ready for him.

One week.

A week ago, before the havoc of the stomach flu, I finally washed all of LJ’s old clothes.

To say it was a mind trip would be an understatement. Was he ever that small? Why did he have no pants? How weird will it be to see someone else in his clothes? Will they always be LJ’s clothes?

LJ with my Papa, 3 weeks old. How can this only be 3.5 years ago???? I can barely remember him being so little!

Six weeks.

That’s all that’s left until this little man of mine joins the world. Guess it’s time to wrap my brain around him being real and not just the gremlin in my tummy!

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  1. A… look beautiful. I was HUGE when I was that preggo!
    B…..LJ is adorable. So precious.
    C…..can’t wait to meet baby go round

  2. Kelli says:

    I am always so nervous to mix denim. I love how you mixed the two here and will be promptly copying this look after I find a shirt! Thanks for sharing!!

    And congrats on the baby! Can’t wait to see him make his appearance here on MGR :-)

  3. Kristyn says:

    You only have 6 weeks!! That’s crazy! Glad you are on the other side of the stomachs flu! It is very weird to see the next child those clothes, it is always a trip down memory lane when I bust out the next size. And for me I remember which clothes can with which kid. It’s a mother thing I think, but I can tell you who wore it first on probably 99% of the clothes we own. You just remember dressing each child 5 million times a day so it kind of sticks with you, plus they are your babies so of course you remember all kinds of crazy little details that others wouldn’t. I think one of the best

  4. Amber Hurd says:

    You look so beautiful! I love your adorable belly. I am 3 months pregnant right now.

  5. Nat says:

    You look awesome mama!

  6. Alexa says:

    So glad you are feeling better – we also had a yucky stomach bug take down the household! Not fun! You look really beautiful and I love the necklace!
    And I’m dying to know – why DIDN”T he have any pants??? LOL!
    Yay for new babies!

  7. micaela says:

    very cute mama , i have the exact same necklace :D but never know how to use it. i love your fashion sense :) . wish you a small hour when the baby arrives. *** from portugal

  8. You look lovely! Love that necklace!

  9. You look so happy!

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