I hadn’t realized just how comfortable in my routine and surroundings I had become until I up and changed them all. We only moved 10 minutes down the road, but it’s far enough that my whole routine is changed.

New Target, Costco, Home Depot to go to.
New park to play at.
New streets to drive.
New places to take pictures.

I feel like I had gotten so comfortable in the places that I took pictures. Not because I no longer cared who saw the wacko with the tripod, but because I knew I either wouldn’t see anyone, or I’d see the same people I saw the day before…and they already knew I was wacko.

Now, I feel like I’m starting all over again. I don’t know the busy times of day at the park. I don’t know when I get great lighting at the church parking lot. I don’t know what my new “spots” will be.

Pants: Old Navy, Sweater Top: INC, Scarf: Charlotte Russe, Flats: Target

So for now, while I’m still exploring my new neighborhood, I hope you don’t mind the endless pictures you are about to get of my back grassy strip, and my front porch. So for the first time, here is my front porch/gate. Hope you like it, cause you might just see it again tomorrow ;)

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  1. Love the sleeves on the sweater!

  2. Katie says:

    I LOVE the gate! And you look soooo happy! Yay :)

  3. Kashoan says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! You are absolutely adorable. Congrats on the move. Miss you!

  4. I 2nd the sleeves on the sweater and love how you knotted the scarf! You call yourself a wacko, I call myself a weirdo. ;)

  5. Sharnee says:

    you’d look comfortable taking pics anywhere….thanks for sharing

  6. Lisa @ MMT says:

    Your photos look pretty there! I know what you mean about new surroundings, we did move 12 times in 4 years ;) Takes awhile to get use to (about 6 months for me) and then before you know it, you will have a new routine and know everything about your new place! Hope you are enjoying the new digs!

  7. Ashley Hart says:

    you look fantastic! I love your hair color loads.

  8. Amy N. says:

    You look so pretty and happy! And I love that gate, so fun!

  9. I LOVE it Nina!! Looks beautiful just like you friend! XOXO

  10. It’s so green and pretty!!!! Love it! :) And LOVE that outfit!

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