Confessions of A Momma

I wore this outfit last Friday to the park….I’m just now getting to blog about it.

Such is the life of this momma. So as long as I’m coming clean with the slightly ridiculous delay of this post, I might as well bust out a few more momma confessions ;)

I really strongly dislike going to the park by myself with the kiddo. I’m a terrible mom, and usually wait to go until I can drag someone else with me.

My pet-peeve is sandy feet. UUGGGGHHH, gross. I completely coordinate my outfit around going to the park….hence the Toms.

LJ’s favorite drinks are lemonade and chocolate milk… mother of the year over here.

Lately, the gym is my favorite time of day for one reason, Kids Club.

I touch up my saggy bags under my eyes in most pictures. Let’s be real, I need more sleep.

Top: Nordstrom (old), Jeans: Gap, Sweater: Gap Outlet (old), Necklace: Gift, Bracelet: H&M, Shoes: Toms

It’s almost 10:30 and we are still in our pjs. This is not uncommon. I’ve scheduled the post office and Target into our day simply so we will get dressed at some point.

LeapPad has taught LJ how to write a straight line and some letters/numbers. Again, mother of the year.

Some days, Thomas/Elmo/Smurfs/Dinosaur Train/Super Why (shall I continue?) are my BFFs.

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