Maybe A Little TOO Proud

Dear Sewing Machine,

I know you have been so sad, lonely, and dusty sitting in the corner by yourself. I know I’ve promised you time and time again that I would let you play. I could feel your pain as you longingly gazed upon the beautiful projects that Cori and Kayla have made lately. I have heard your heartbreak. So this past weekend, when we decided on a whim to not just get a new couch, but re-do the living room and bedroom, I vowed that you would sit dusty no more!

Off to JoAnn’s I went, in search of the perfect fabrics to welcome you back with….well, it’s JoAnn, the odds of that happening were slim, but there was hope! Lo and behold, I found them! Two perfect fabrics screaming for you to work your magic with. While many projects await us my friend, I thought it was best to start off small. While you are a pro, I however, am not :(

Coasters. Yes, I said it, coasters.  Before we dive into harder projects, and you proceed to hate me forever for my lack of skills, I thought coasters was a perfect place to start. The living room needs some color, some vibrance, and of course, some cute little birdies (sssshhhh, yes Hubs, as you so conveniently pointed out, I hate birds. But these sweet little Disneyized birds needed a home!).

While my work was not perfect, you put up with me quite well. You are even a CHAMP and put up with me buying the wrong bobbins, but using them anyways. Way to take one for the team!

Thank you sewing machine. I LOVE my new coasters and all the joy they will bring me each day at nap time. I promise to not leave you in the corner for too long anymore!



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