The Ultimate Scary Outfit

I’ll be honest, there are still things that scare the bejeebees out of me in the fashion world. Neon, shorts, big prints….and tucking in. Yes, yes, I’ve tucked my top in plenty of times now, but I’ve always kinda faked it.

I hid it with a sweater.

Covered it up with a flowy skirt.


Time to pony up and go all out. And just for added punishement, let’s throw in a white button up, just for fun ;)


Button Up: Gap, Jeans: Banana Republic, Tank: Costco, Hat: Charming Charlie, Necklace: JCP, Belt: F21, Ring: Downtown, Sandals: Old Navy



 While it’s still not my most favorite look, I’m really glad I just went for it. The c-section pooch sticks out a bit too much for me, but conquering my ridiculous fear was totally worth feeling stupid for a day.

Speaking of stupid…I took these right outside my front door. In the middle of the day. In an apartment complex. With a tripod. And remote. And baby monitor.

Can’t say I didn’t go all out! 


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