Everything Old Is New Again

The journey continues in my never ending battle against my closet. I WILL make it work. I WILL make it look good. And I WILL not go down without a fight.

This shirt definately put up a good fight. A two year long, sitting in the corner dirty, I refuse to pay to take you to the dry cleaners fight. TWO YEARS people!


 Top: INC, Jeans: Banana Republic, Necklace: ???, Flats: Guess via Macy’s, Ring: Charming Charlie

I finally looked at the tag and realized there was really no reason why this top couldn’t be hand washed. What’s the worst that would happen? I ruin it and I don’t wear it for another 2 years? Yeah…in the sink it went.

The top turned out great! The hair….not so much. Tried a new product and aparently didn’t use nearly enough. It was just a messy frizz ball by noon. BLEH!


Oh, and I TOTALLY FOOLED both Ashley and my SIL into thinking this was a blouse and cardigan. HAHA, gotcha :P

I swear I’m still 5.

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