Fun For All

 As I’ve been walking along this journey of self discovery and acceptance, a mission has become clear. Make the next generation better.

I don’t mean more fashionable. I don’t mean prettier.

I mean more loving.

More loving to themselves. More loving to others.

More aware of how they feel. More aware of how others feel.

I have this amazing opportunity to help shape the next generation with LJ. I can teach him about many of the things I struggle with, and hope that he ends up more accepting than I am. I can teach him about many of the things others struggle with, and hope that he will be more loving than I am.

And it all started with a trip to the park.


Well….not just ANY park.

We went to this wonderful park designed for kids of ALL ability levels. There was tons of equiptment for LJ to play with.

 And there was lots of equiptment for children with different needs to play with.


It was all there, together, in one park. Everyone can come, everyone can play, everyone CAN do something.

I thought it was so important to teach LJ that while we are all different, we are all the same. Just because we can do different things than someone else doesn’t make us any better, just different. Like Mrs. Sparklenose (Abby’s Flying Fairy School Teacher) says, “sometimes it’s the things that make us different, that make the difference.”

Besides, what kid doesn’t love the park?

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Simple Stripes

Summer has finally decided to show up in LA!  Since shorts and I have a hate/hate relationship, it’s time to bust out the dresses!

 Dress: Gap, Tee/Sandals: Old Navy, Necklaces: F21/JCrew, Bracelets: Nordstrom/Downtown, Ring: Little Miss Momma

As I was enjoying one of my fav magazines the other day (People Style Watch!), I saw that I’m apparently cooler than I realized and had already bought a dress that’s right on trend!


I’m going to call it dumb luck cause let’s be real, I’m a total closet nerd.


Ah…the perfect outfit for a day at the pool with LJ and Baby W, moving furniture so our carpet could get cleaned, dinner with the girls, and a late night trip to Target :)



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