Purple Puff!

….and that was a quick fall from grace. Fresh off the heels of my best photoshoot ever, I┬áproudly present THE WORST photoshoot I’ve ever done (and actually shared).

Dress: Burlington, Shirt: Old Navy, Shoes: Target, Belt: Jessica Simpson

See, once upon a time I thought I could pull off a flowy, rather pleated dress, by cinching it in with a belt. Miranda Kerr looks adorable!


I, on the other hand, required 350 ish pictures to get 3 decent ones. Think I’m joking?

Mind you, many of the bloopers were due to incorrect camera settings, but the other 297 were due to poor posing resulting in a GIGANTIC pleated butt.

It’s a good thing this dress doubles as a skirt, cause that’s where it might be banished to. Either that or I’ll be investing heavily in Spanx.

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