Real Momma, Real Style #18

Let’s all hop on the narcissistic train for a moment, shall we?

This shoot has to be the first time I can truly say I really like pictures of myself. Usually I find them ok, or cute, or passible for sharing. But for once, I actually like them

Blouse/Pants: Old Navy, Shrug: Loft, Undershirt: Shade, Shoes: Off Broadway, Bracelets: Downtown


ALL CREDIT goes to my awesome Hubs who is turning into quite the photographer!

Talk about great lighting, perfect settings, and using the skinny lens ;)

Feel free to beat my ego down a bit.

Anyways….I wore this awesome ensemble to the most awesome 1st birthday party ever! Our friend’s twins turned one, and in Korean culture the first birthday is a VERY big deal. It was a beautiful party and there was more cheek chub floating around than I could possibly chew on in one day ;)

It was definately not your average 1st birthday party. I didn’t quite know what to wear, so I aimed for the middle.

I vote winner.

Add to it that the party was near the BEST BOUTIQUE EVER (I really don’t have a clue), and it was for sure the best 1st birthday ever!


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-You DON’T have to be a momma to link up! I want to see what EVERYONE is rockin’!

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