I’m a Laker Girl, In a Laker World

Ok…..whose singing the Barbie song now??? Raise your hand! Come on, we all know you know it!

Haha! Have fun getting that one out of your head. I’m evil, I know. But it was stuck in my head for some hideous reason so I thought I would share the joy!

ANYWAYS….. when I put this outfit on I was more than a little afraid I’d look like the poster child for the Lakers. Let’s be real, while I used to be able to dance like the Laker Girls, I’ve never looked like one. Hence my dance career ended. I digress…


Top: Banana Republic, Sweater/Flats: Target, Undershirt/Necklace: Downeast Basics, Jeans: Old Navy

The Lakers got embarassed this year, the weather was crummy, so HECK WITH IT, I’m wearing cheery colors!

Not 100% sure I’m loving the flats with this outfit, so we’ll stick to head shots if that’s cool with you.

Now that this has officially been the most random post ever, I’ll bounce. Maybe if I stop talking you’ll still love me ;)

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The Little Photo Shoot That Couldn’t

Yesterday was a lazy day for us. LJ hadn’t slept well or napped in two days, so I figured a good quiet day at home was just what we needed. I didn’t get in the shower until 4, we weren’t out the door until 5:15, and we were going to see the AWESOME Amanda Ply play at 6:30.

Basically, that left very little time to squeeze in a photo shoot of my outfit I wore for only a few hours. We ran to my both of the usual spots I shoot at only to find them swarming with people. Yeah, not so hot for the “how to not look like a creepo” factor.

Enter in another 15 minutes of driving around aimlessly and we reach 5:45 and D-day for this shoot. There’s a little open space at the back of my apartment complex that is usually dead empty. Yesterday it was…until I was all unloaded from the car, had LJ by the hand carrying his ball, and walked onto the dirt. A moving truck pulled up. Whatev.


Jean/Tank/Blouse: Old Navy, Cardigan: Gap, Necklace: F21, Flats: Guess via Macy’s

Yeah, no.

Can I get an A for effort?

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