Things Aren’t As They Appear

So this year, aren’t maxi skirts all the rage? Long, flowy, floraly maxi skirts. If so, WHERE THE HECK ARE THEY?

My trusty stand-bys of Old Navy and Target only have solid ones. So I branched out in hopes of grabbing one of my own. Forever 21 - zilch. Ann Taylor – nada.

Of course Anthro had some beautiful ones….FOR $118!!!! Yeah, no thanks!

So into the closet I went, in search of something that could work. And whattya know, I found it!

This little green maxi skirt was staring back at me….sorta. You see this maxi skirt is actually

THIS maxi dress!

Another gem banished to the back of my closet since the first days of LJ. I wore it for LJ’s blessing in our church¬†when he was 6 weeks old, and I’m not sure I’ve worn it since.! Time for new life!

Instead of hacking it into a skirt, never to be worn as a dress again, I simply piled tops on over it. Luckily the neckline (can I call it that since it barely covers the girls?) is so low, that it was easy to hide.

While it’s still not the flowy floral maxi of my dreams, it’ll do.

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