I’m Getting This Thing Down!

Besides trying to figure out my style and getting out of the mommy rut, I’m also on a mission to save money. I’ve ordered the Sunday paper simply for the coupons. Groupon is my new favorite site. And of course, looking for fashion steals :)

So you can imagine my excitement when a little beauty like this showed up in my mailbox.


$10 off a purchase of $10 or more…..HECK YES!

Of course this is their brilliant gimmic to get you in the store to buy way more than $10 worth of merchandise. Genius, yes, genius.


 This little beauty was already on sale for 50% off (so is most of their jewelry if you are looking for something). Throw my $10 coupon on the pile and I paid a whopping $2.15 including tax!

I think I’m getting this frugal fashionista down :)

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