I Never Thought I Would Wear This Dress Again

Let me introduce you to that dress. You know the one. The one you THOUGHT you looked awesome in, only to see pictures and wonder why someone let you out of the house in it.

Father’s Day, 2009. 2 Month Old LJ 


Hey family…..you stink!


Mind you, LJ was 2 months old, not a thing in my closet fit, and I had a friend’s bridal shower to go to. This dress was bought out of desparation apparently. I thought it looked good when I got it…the pictures tell a much different story.

So there it sat, all alone in the back of my closet. Scarred by the memory of these pictures I’ve been too afraid to wear it again.

Then came one fateful late night, when I should have been sleeping, that I decided was the perfect time to try on half my closet. There is was, staring at me, like your best frenemy that you really don’t want to go say HI to, but know you have to.


Dress: Halogen, Tank: Downeast Basics, Sweater: Gap Outlet, Belt: Old Navy, Shoes: Marshall’s, Bracelet: H&M


To say I was surprised at how good it looked is an understatement. I was aiming for decent.

This combo would have been unimagineable just a few months ago. A longer cardigan with a shorter dress….won’t that make me look shorter?

This just might be the look I’m most proud of recently. Conquered the dress. Attempted a new style. And more solid colors paired together than I think I’ve ever done.

I think I rule :P

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WHY I Switched to WordPress

Many of you may be wondering just why on Earth I switched to WordPress. It’s not like the blog looks all that different (yet). So what’s the big deal?


The decision was not easy. I’ve been wrestling with it for months ever since Bloggy Boot Campwhere I heard so much about how everyone just LOVED WordPress.

The main reason for the switch is now I OWN MY BLOG.

Nina, what do you mean now you own your blog?

With both Blogger and WordPress.com blogs, you do NOT own your blog. You own the content on it, only if you are cooler than me and remember to back up your blog all the time. At any point your blog could just POOF, vanish. Remember the Great Blogger Shutdown of May 2011? Yeah…no.

After that barrel of fun, I knew it was time to take action. So I hired the awesome Aaron of RFE Hosting to switch my baby over to wordpress.org. With the switch, no one else is in control of my blog. Google can’t decide to be annoying and do maintenance without telling me. My sidebar and posts won’t magically vanish. I’m (aka Aaron) is now hosting my blog. Momma Go Round now sits on a pretty little server at RFE Hosting, NEVER to be shut down by Google again.

There are many other reasons why I switched. Greater design capablities, SEO (search engine optimization), awesome features I can add to the blog, yada yada. These are all important and definitely played a role in my decision. But at the end of the day, I pour a ton of time, energy, and myself into my blog. I don’t ever want to be afraid that my bloggy baby won’t be here for me in the morning.

So thanks for sticking with me!

I know some of you had trouble viewing the blog the first day. It may look like a mess around here for a little bit as I start implementing all the new awesomeness that I can do. I PROMISE I will find a way for you to log in with FB/Twitter or something so you don’t have to type in all that junk when you want to comment. I know that this switch will only make MGR better for all of us!

*If you ever find something that isn’t working right, or isn’t working well for you, PLEASE let me know!*

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