Form Vs. Function

This kid HAD to get outside. Disneyland was fun, but not exactly physical (for him). The next two days were filled with laundry, cleaning, and errands…joy.
So yesterday was D-day. Get this kid outside or go nuts with him bouncing around inside.
Shirt: Old Navy, Sweater: Lucky via Costco, Jeans: Gap, Flats: Target, Headband: Claire’s
Continuing it’s streak of weather colder than it was in January…LA dictated that I needed a sweater. Really? This is just getting old.
The park of course dictates shoe wear. Flats were mandatory. And no, you aren’t dreaming…I went back and grabbed those magical blush colored ruffle patent leather flats at Target for $9. Big spender, I know ;)
Ah yes, the other park must: pockets. 2 binkies, a truck, my phone, and keys. Utilitarian style, just the way I like it :)

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