{Not So} Super Shopping Secret

Besides “which kind of Old Navy jeans do you wear?” (sweetheart, but thinking of defecting), the single most common question I get asked is “where do you find all your clothes? I have a tiny budget too!”
Well we all know I’m the poster child for Old Navy, so that’s no secret. But the trick to making your budget really stretch is the clearance section!
Take today’s clearance section steal for example. Originally $19.99 marked down to $13.98 on clearance for $4.98. SWEET! I’ve been eyeballin’ these bad boys for weeks.

 Or these Tarjay jewels for just $4.98 as well. Stinker LMM got them in yellow, but I’ll settle for white :)
 Shirt dress for $9.98
Floral dress for $12
The key to clearance shopping is GOING OFTEN. Stalk your favorite stores to the point of just under creepy. Cori stalks Loft, I’m a creeper at ON and Target. More times than not, you will leave with nothing but the knowledge of what is to come in the next markdown.
Like today….tons of cute cardigans on “clearance” at Tarjay. $13.98 is not clearance for a sweater for me, but now I know. Time to stalk. So over the next few weeks when I need to pop in for diapers or to replace the new sippy cup that LJ will chew a hole through, I’ll swing by and see if they’ve come down anymore. If they have, score! If not, check again next time.
You WILL miss deals, but that’s ok. If it’s something you absolutely can’t live without, grab it. If not, wait it out. Saving $5-10 bucks may not seem like a big deal, but if it means your clothes wardrobe goes twice as far…
Wanna know another secret?
Crowdtap. If you aren’t signed up yet…RUN.
See that pretty little box on my sidebar? Click there to join the only site that connects customers with the brands the love. Again, poster child for ON here, I’ve been hooked up with jeans, accessories, and a dress all for FREE! Just take some pictures, give them your opinion, and that’s it! 
Like my fav student tour guide ever said, “Cheap is good, but free is better!”
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It’s All About the Accessories

The one word that strikes fear in the heart of children and parents alike. Just the thought of having to take LJ there is enough to make me curl up in corner and hide.
He used to love Costco. The samples, the books, the yogurt. It was his place. Now, pulling into the parking lot ignites screams. And heaven forbid some nice person says hi to him…
Add all this fun to having to hike all my purchases up a flight of stairs and down a walkway on my own, and Costco has quickly become one of my most dreaded errands. It demands patience, deep breaths, and sneakers.
Shirt/Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Converse, Hat: F21, Necklace/Bracelet/Ring: LA Fashion District
Costco requires a utility outfit for me, but I was determined to make it look as stylish as possible. What’s a girl to do? Throw on almost EVERY accessory purchased the day before with the most basic outfit I could think of and voila!
I actually did the Coco Channel check and almost took off the last thing I put on (bracelets), but decided this incredibly boring outfit could hold up to all the accessories I could pile on.
Did I mention that the Google Street View car drove by as I was shooting these pics in my parents’ front yard? Kid asleep in the car, tripod out, and workin’ it for the remote.

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